Corporate culture 

Open, cooperative, decisive: Discover our corporate culture. 

We stick together. We enjoy our work and, most importantly, the people with whom we do it. We do what we say. With openness and decisiveness, we work together to achieve our goals. 

Our employees identify with the company. Ultimately, we are planning, building and operating something we own.

Our identification with the work and our company, our experiences and our expert knowledge allow us to look to the future with optimism.

In the energy transition, some things remain unclear and the process is far from decided. We know, however, that together we will achieve the energy transition – and help to shape the energy mix of the future. Because we can do it. And because we love what we do.

We enjoy working with colleagues who understand their jobs, who have broad and in-depth knowledge and who like finding solutions together. As a medium-sized company, we are big enough so that all the important functions and tasks are in expert hands with us.

With our roots in the heart of the Ruhr region, we value direct and open exchange. We want to keep developing and so we give each other constructive feedback. We need you in order to better implement the transformation and achieve our goals together. So when will you apply?

We’re shaping the energy supply

Here, the future’s a tradition. We need you to help shape it.

Work with a purpose and a future 

You’re bursting with energy — so we’re offering you a future.

Areas of activity

The energy transition needs us. And we need you.

Further development

Get a flying start with energy. And just keep getting better.