We’re shaping the energy supply 

Here, the future’s a tradition. We need you to help shape it. 

We have always stood for a secure and reliable supply of energy, yet we have continually transformed. Mastering change and further development is therefore something of a tradition, whereby our employees pass on their knowledge from generation to generation. Will you be doing the same in future? 

The origins of our predecessor company lie in the heart of Germany’s Ruhr region, in Essen. This has shaped us culturally too: We stick together! We do what we say.

Since our beginnings we have been one of the driving forces. Gas transportation has been changing constantly over the decades: First we transported cokeoven and town gas, but by the 1970s most of the pipeline system had been converted to natural gas. 

Shaping the future is another challenge we are currently facing. What form will the energy mix of the future take? We are convinced that green gases and hydrogen will play an important role here.

We are determined to offer our customers a secure supply of energy with the energy mix of the future too – thanks to our employees, with our experience, the corporate culture we practice and our teamwork.

Are you ready to join us in tackling the challenges of the future? Then apply to OGE!

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