Network data dashboard 

Your window into the gas transmission network. Maximum transparency with our dashboard. 

Do you want to get a detailed insight into our gas transmission network? Then use our dashboard: Here, you’ll find a network map and concise information on the current status of our gas network. 

In the network map you can immediately see all the major entry and exit points of our network: cross-border interconnection points, market are interconnection points and connections to storage facilities. In addition, the map also shows you the current direction of flow, capacity utilisation and current interruptions. Alongside the network map, you can also see the master data for any selected point and view the applicable tariff. You can also gain an overview of all the historical, current or future key figures throughout the entire network. Just click on the “Point details” button on the start page.

Here are some brief instructions to make it easier for you to use our dashboard:

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Instructions for the network data dashboard

Manual Version 2.0 / 26 September 2016