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Operational network data for your gas network: Visible in just a few clicks. 

With OGE you can obtain operational network data for your gas pipeline network quickly and easily. Even for large data sets, you can choose between several options: presentation as a graph, as a table, or in XML format. 

In certain cases, for example with long loading times, data can be displayed that is incomplete or incorrectly calculated. You should therefore always use the retrieved data with caution. We are continually optimising this application and will be delighted to receive your feedback.

To view your network data, click on one of the options:

Points to note regarding the network data:

We publish the actual measured physical flow. At most of the published network points the gas quantities you see are the quantities of several network operators as the pipeline concerned is a joint venture pipeline. In line with this, for the capacity values, the nominations and the allocations, we show only the quantities relevant to the balancing groups.

We publish the values for the initial nomination after 2:00 p.m. on the following day in each case. After each gas day, we publish the last renomination details. In addition, at the point types “final consumer”, “production” and “biogas”, all points will be published as an aggregation.

All data are not final and are subject to change. The value shown is the “best view” from our data warehouse.