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View and download point-specific network data: In Excel or CSV format as you prefer. 

Here you can view network data for your chosen network point and then download it in Excel or CSV format. 

Points to note regarding presentation of the network data:

We publish the actual measured physical flow. At most of the published network points the gas quantities you see are the quantities of several network operators as the pipeline concerned is a joint venture pipeline. Also shown are the quantities relevant for network control.

For the capacity values, the nominations and the allocations, we show only the quantities relevant to the balancing groups. We publish the values for the initial nomination only after 2:00 p.m. on the following day in each case.

After each gas day, we publish the last renomination details. In addition, at the point types “final consumer”, “production” and “biogas”, you’ll see an aggregation of all the values.

All data are not final and are subject to change. The value shown is the “best view” from our data warehouse.

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