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As the operator of critical gas supply infrastructure, OGE has proven crisis and emergency management systems in place to ensure security of supply even in exceptional situations. Ever since the novel coronavirus first appeared in Germany, OGE has been taking a number of preventive measures to protect employees and ensure operations continue.

We are in constant contact with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Economic Affairs, the BDEW as the umbrella organisation for the energy industry, and the Essen authorities regarding the implementation of preventive measures to ensure that we are able to maintain a secure supply of gas. 

Here you can find all our company’s information concerning the pandemic. If you have any further questions, please contact our press office (, which is coordinating enquiries in this regard.

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OGE informs about coronavirus

Essen, 19.03.2020 – press release – COVID-19: Health and security of supply are a top priority for OGE

  • Security of natural gas supplies reliably guaranteed 
  • Extensive measures taken to protect the health of employees

As the operator of a critical infrastructure, OGE has proven crisis and emergency management systems in place to ensure security of supply even under unusual circumstances. Since the novel coronavirus first appeared in Germany, OGE has implemented a number of preventive measures to protect employees and ensure operations. 

In addition to special hygiene measures, the concrete steps adopted include: severe restriction of contact between employees and/or with other groups of people, severely restricted access to OGE sites and instructions to employees to work from home. Additional precautionary measures have been implemented for employees working in particularly sensitive areas, such as Dispatching.

The situation is being closely monitored by a Task Force and reassessed on a daily basis. OGE is prepared for a spread of the corona pandemic. Protective measures already implemented will be extended and supplemented as necessary.

Security of supply and the health of its employees remain a top priority for OGE, even beyond the current crisis situation caused by COVID-19. Natural gas supplies are guaranteed in any case.

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COVID-19: Health and security of supply are a top priority for OGE (PDF)

Essen, 19 March 2020

Essen, 28.02.2020 – Preventive and precautionary measures

In addition to the increased risk of succumbing to a flu infection during the colder months, over the last few days a significant increase in infected cases of coronavirus COVID-19 has been observed, particularly in Italy. Although there have only been a few confirmed cases of infection with the new coronavirus within Germany, it is very likely that the virus will spread further.

In addition to the information published on the intranet thus far, the Board of Management is keen to raise awareness of this issue – including the preventive and precautionary measures to be taken.

Pending further measures specific to certain situations or individual cases, we ask you to adhere strictly to the following rules:

1. Hygiene

Since the coronavirus is spread primarily through droplets, we ask that you observe the following hygiene measures:

  • strict hand hygiene (regular, thorough handwashing, use of sanitiser dispensers provided),
  • forego handshakes when greeting people, comply with cough and sneeze etiquette (cough/sneeze into your elbow),
  • avoid touching door handles and similar,
  • avoid crowds in confined spaces and large gatherings of people.

2. Business travel to risk areas

Business trips to current risk areas such as China, northern Italy, etc. (see details at are prohibited.

Employees who have recently undertaken or are currently taking trips abroad (business or personal) to one of the regions affected by the travel ban are asked to inform their supervisors about this over the phone and to avoid personal contact with colleagues for at least 14 days after their trips. For this timeframe, please agree with your supervisors how you will keep up with your work for OGE (e.g. home office). If you suspect you have symptoms typical of a coronavirus infection, you should first inform a doctor/health authority as well as your supervisor and the central health management team (see below).

3. Business travel to non-risk areas

As a basic rule, business trips to non-risk areas should be limited to those that are essential for business. The necessity of these sorts of business trips is for you to gauge yourself, potentially in cooperation with your supervisor (benefits vs. risks, are there alternatives, e.g. a web or telephone conference?). In case of doubt, these kinds of business trips should be cancelled or postponed.

4. Larger business events or gatherings

These kinds of (internal company) events – and by this we do not mean normal meetings or discussions – should be critically reviewed by the organiser/host to determine how essential they are and cancelled or postponed in case of doubt. The same applies to participation in the sorts of events that likewise should only take place if they are absolutely necessary for business reasons.

5. Flexible working (e.g. home office)

If your personal and your work situation permits you to work from home (following prior individual agreement with your supervisors), then we expressly support this. Please consider taking your laptop home with you by way of precaution. This also applies where you have planned longer absences (e.g. holidays).

6. Suspected symptoms of illness

If you notice flu-like symptoms in yourself or somebody in your household and it is possible that you or they may have contracted the COVID-19 virus, please first contact your doctor/health authority and attempt to clarify the situation with regard to your health. In case of any doubt, please stay at home! In such cases, please inform the central health management team (see below) as well as your supervisors and talk to them about how to proceed.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI - is continually monitoring the current situation, evaluating all the information and assessing the risk for the population in Germany. Information is also being provided by the relevant authorities, particularly the health authorities.

OGE is monitoring the information and recommendations being issued very closely in order to derive and determine the necessary measures with the aim of safeguarding the health and wellbeing of its employees and maintaining business operations. If the situation becomes more severe, the company is in a position to take the necessary measures at short notice.


For any questions relating to the issue of “health protection” with regard to seasonal flu infections and the coronavirus, please contact the central health management team at