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List of bookable points

Temporarily you can download the list of bookable points here. Soon you will find the information in our web publications (only in German)

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Maintenance work at critical points of the network before 2021

We have listed the critical maintenance, repair and tie-in work in a table.

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Maintenance at connection points downstream network operators before 2021

We have listed the critical maintenance, repair and tie-in work in a table. (only in German)

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Analysing future demand, supply, and transport of hydrogen

Study of the European Hydrogen Backbone (EUROPEAN HYDROGEN BACKBONE -EHB)

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New Study: sufficient hydrogen available within reach of the European Hydrogen backbone

Today, the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative presents an analysis on future demand, supply, and transport of hydrogen across Europe.

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Capacity allocation restrictions and point-to-point connections for dynamically allocable capacities

with effect from 01.10.2021 - PDF file

Price sheet, Network access / pdf / 385.00 KB

Information on tariff and multipliers of Open Grid Europe GmbH

for the yearly product of the gas year 2021/2022

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Market information on THE VIP implementation

status of 02 June 2021

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Transmission and distribution system operators develop "Zukunft RuH2r" project to build an efficient hydrogen infrastructure

Pipeline companies plan to create hydrogen infrastructure in the key region between the Ruhr area and southern Westphalia. Climate-neutral energy supply for interested consumers in industry, transport and the buildings sector.

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Project outline "Zukunft RuH2r"

Graphic on "Zukunft RuH2r" project. Status June 2021 (only in German).

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Network tariffs for Trading Hub Europe published

Uniform postage stamp tariffs determined for the new Trading Hub Europe (THE) market area from 1 January 2022

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Gas transmission pipeline and technical installations ready for operation

ZEELINK competes technical commissioning of one of Germany's largest infrastructure projects

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Image storage tour K Lohberger

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H2EU+Store – Green Hydrogen for Europe

Hydrogen from sun and wind will be produced in Ukraine and stored for seasonal demand in Central Europe in the future. International industry partnership plans hydrogen ramp-up along the entire value chain - Letter of Intent signed.

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Nikola, IVECO and OGE Announce Intent to Accelerate the Deployment of Hydrogen Infrastructure and Fueling Solutions

Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ: NKLA), IVECO and OGE today announced they have entered into a letter of intent for a collaboration.

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European Hydrogen Backbone grows to 40,000 km, covering 11 new countries

Today, the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative presents an updated version of its vision for a dedicated hydrogen transport infrastructure across Europe.

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Extending the European Hydrogen Backbone Report

Extending the European Hydrogen Backbone Report

Others / pdf / 3.52 MB

Annual financial statements 2020

Open Grid Europe GmbH, Short-form Audit Report

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GET H2: New alliance aims to create the basis of a European infrastructure for green hydrogen

Seven companies from the GET H2 initiative show how rapidly the planning of the national and European hydrogen economy is developing.