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Open Grid Europe honours apprentices

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MEGAL's investment in Waidhaus

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Learning about energy conservation

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Open Grid Europe supports Peace Village

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Open Grid Europe welcomes new trainees

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Open Grid Europe's investment in Werne

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ENTSOG President calls for clear rules

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Open Grid Europe replaces bridge at Duisburg port

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ENTSOG President praises progress made on Europe's single energy market

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Milestone in the integration of Europe’s internal energy market

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Open Grid Europe invites tenders for load flow commitments

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Thyssengas joining NetConnect Germany market area cooperation

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Open Grid Europe procures substantial weather data from Meteomedia Energy

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Open Grid Europe enlarges its management team

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E.ON Gastransport has a new name: Open Grid Europe

Market information / pdf / 241.45 KB

Note regarding the yearly capacity auction for capacity products

with effect from 01.10.2021

Market information / xlsx / 21.42 KB

Capacity allocation restrictions and point-to-point connections for dynamically allocable capacities

with effect from 01.10.2021

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OGE, TÜV SÜD and Horváth & Partners establish joint company

evety paves the way to hydrogen economy for industry, logistics, mobility and the energy sector

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Gas measurement

Lintorf high-pressure test stand / Certification of calibration and test gases / Mobile measuring and analysis systems / Operational gas measurement (only in German)