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1 September 2020

OGE has a new company press officer

Carolin Kielhorn joins the communications team as press officer from 1 September

7 August 2020

OGE welcomes European Hydrogen Strategy and joins European Hydrogen Alliance

Dr. Frank Reiners vertritt OGE in Europäischer Wasserstoffallianz

3 August 2020 / Cooperation

Green light for green hydrogen

WESTKÜSTE100 receives funding approval from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs

17 July 2020 / Cooperation

Gas infrastructure companies present a European Hydrogen Backbone plan

Today, a group of eleven European gas infrastructure companies from nine EU member states presents a plan for a dedicated hydrogen transport infrastructure.

9 July 2020 / Cooperation

TENP gas pipeline system expansion

Start of preliminary investigations and presentation of the project to authorities

8 July 2020 / Cooperation

Decisive step towards a European hydrogen economy

The five partners of the hydrogen project GET H2 Nukleus (bp, Evonik, Nowega, OGE, RWE) very much welcome the European Hydrogen Strategy published today.

12 June 2020

OGE welcomes appointment of Jörg Bergmann to the National Hydrogen Council

Gas transmission system operator OGE welcomes the appointment of Jörg Bergmann, CEO of OGE, to the National Hydrogen Council of the German government.

11 June 2020

OGE welcomes the adoption of the National Hydrogen Strategy

Gas transmission system operator OGE welcomes yesterday’s adoption of the National Hydrogen Strategy (Nationale Wasserstoffstrategie, NWS) by the German government.

3 June 2020

L/H gas conversion in OGE’s network area continues successfully

Conversion of Wetzlar to start in early June

28 May 2020

OGE publishes network tariffs for NetConnect Germany and GASPOOL market areas effective 1 January 2021

Uniform postage stamp tariffs for the NetConnect Germany and GASPOOL market areas from 1 January to 1 October 2021

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