You’re already a shipper but require further users? Nothing could be simpler! 

To register new users or change data for users already registered, you need to complete the process outlined here. 

1. PRISMA authorisation

You can apply for the authorisation of new users seeking access to the online booking process or request changes to the data of users already registered via PRISMA primary. For this, you will need to use the “Change of User Information” form.

We will need the following information from you:

  • EIC code
  • General details of the company (confirmation)
  • User information
  • Contact details
  • Selection of TSO Open Grid Europe GmbH

Online assistance

1.1 OGE 

We send the registration form automatically to the applicant.

2. Registration form

Please complete the registration form and send it back to

Information required
  • Signature and company stamp

2.1 OGE

Once we have received the registration form, we will deal with the following for you:

  • Activation for primary and secondary marketing on PRISMA
  • Activation for the contract management system (VMS)
  • Automatic dispatch of the registration mail for the contract management system (VMS)

3. Activation

You will receive the confirmation of registration for OGE’s contract management system (VMS) via e-mail. This completes the set-up of the user for capacity booking on PRISMA and contract management in VMS.

Shipper registration

Is your company not yet registered as a shipper? Here we show you what you need to do.