3 Jun 2020

Press release

L/​H gas conversion in OGE’s network area continues successfully

Conversion of Wetzlar to start in early June

In the central Hesse region, a total of 105,000 gas appliances have already been converted to H gas since 2019. Marburg and Gießen were among the cities affected. 

Preparations for the conversion of the communities in Hesse have been underway as part of a comprehensive project launched in 2013. OGE has agreed a conversion timetable with 15 distribution system operators and eight industrial customers directly connected to the OGE network, setting out the contractual terms of the conversion process. The corona pandemic brought huge additional challenges for everyone involved. It meant providing extensive information to customers, especially regarding hygiene measures, and checking plans in conversion areas for their feasibility under corona conditions.

The changeover of the network in Wetzlar with around 17,000 gas appliances from L to H gas in early June can go ahead as planned. Two industrial companies also affected by the conversion will be switching more than 6,000 gas burners at the same times. Close cooperation between all those involved has made it possible to continue the conversion successfully under the current difficult conditions.

In total, around 160,000 appliances in OGE’s network area will be switched to H gas in 2020. Despite the challenging conditions caused by the coronavirus, all L/H gas conversions in the OGE network area scheduled for 2020 will go ahead as planned.

The gas pipeline systems have to be converted to H gas because L gas production in north-western Germany and the Netherlands will decline in the next few years. H gas, on the other hand, is available internationally and thus also in large quantities for Germany. The switch to high calorific gas therefore ensures a high level of supply security in the long term.

The different properties of the H gas also require domestic gas appliances and systems in the region to be adapted. Across Germany, some 5 million gas appliances will have to be switched to H gas by 2030. All affected customers will be informed by their local network operator in writing ahead of the actual changeover. The conversion costs for residential and commercial customers will be borne by the network operator and will be included in the network tariffs as a levy charged across Germany.