11 Feb 2020

Press release

New corporate image: Open Grid Europe becomes OGE

Modern image emphasises strategic reorientation

At the industry fair E-world energy & water in Essen, OGE presented its new corporate image complete with new logo and the new website

The energy world is in a state of flux. Green gases like hydrogen are becoming increasingly important and will be a key pillar of the energy transition.

Given these new challenges, OGE has redefined its target image and strategy. This is also expressed in its purpose: “We enable energy supply. Today and in the energy mix of the future.” The makeover includes a newly developed target image and the corporate strategy “OGE2030+” that aims to achieve it.

“Our new image expresses our new strategic orientation. It demonstrates our readiness and our determination to help shape the energy system of the future”, explained Dr Jörg Bergmann, Chairman of the Board of Management.

The new corporate strategy includes preparing the pipeline network for future transportation of green gases such as hydrogen, establishing green gases in the energy mix of the future and driving forward innovation and digitisation.

The corporate design reflects the new OGE: a simplified logo consisting of an image and the initials OGE, with an expanded corporate colour scheme.

The website has undergone a fundamental overhaul and now boasts an optimised structure and user-friendliness to appeal directly to target groups and facilitate prompt dialogue. Alongside the content on the core business, the new website includes interesting stories about current topics such as hydrogen and the switch from L-gas to H-gas.