24 Apr 2020

Press release

OGE continues to ensure reliable 24/​7 network operation during Corona pandemic

  • Health and security of supply remain top priority
  • Business operations and projects continue

Health and security of supply are always paramount to OGE – and no less so during the Corona pandemic. For this reason, OGE is continuing to adhere to the preventive measures put in place at the beginning of the crisis to protect employees and ensure business continuity. These measures are re-assessed on a daily basis by a task force and adjusted as necessary, depending on the development of the pandemic.

The current situation has shown how significant security of supply is across all industries. OGE has always attached great importance to a secure and reliable supply of natural gas, regardless of any crisis. As the operator of critical infrastructure, OGE has appropriate and well-functioning crisis and emergency management systems in place to ensure a reliable supply of gas even in this special situation. OGE is already addressing the challenges of the future. Crisis and emergency management will therefore continue to be developed at the highest level even after the COVID 19 pandemic.

Protective measures remain in place

To protect all employees, special hygiene measures remain in place and contact among the workforce and with other groups of people is limited to an absolute minimum in compliance with social distancing guidance. Access to OGE sites is also subject to strict restrictions. Staff in administrative functions are mostly working from home. For employees in particularly sensitive areas, such as dispatching, additional precautionary measures also apply.

Regular business operations continue, projects are being driven forward

Regular business operations such as gas transportation, maintenance work on technical equipment or regional gas pipeline work are continuing in compliance with all precautionary and health protection measures in place.

Major projects such as ZEELINK are progressing in accordance with the project schedule. This includes work at the Würselen compressor station and pipelaying work. ZEELINK pipeline construction reached the Münsterland region in spring as planned. On sections of the pipeline route in the Rhineland, land restoration measures will already be completed by the end of this year. All contractor companies have to adhere to strict hygiene regulations, which is checked regularly by OGE.