7 Aug 2020

Press release

OGE welcomes European Hydrogen Strategy and joins European Hydrogen Alliance

Dr Frank Reiners to represent OGE in European Hydrogen Alliance

OGE expressly welcomes the European Hydrogen Strategy published by the European Commission on 8 July 2020. The strategy aims to establish a competitive European hydrogen market based on a European hydrogen network. With this strategy, the Commission underlines the important role of gas infrastructure for the development of a European hydrogen economy, which is essential to achieving binding climate protection targets. In OGE’s view, the Commission is setting the right priorities here: incentives to increase hydrogen production and demand, investment in research and innovation, adjustments to the legal and regulatory framework in favour of a single European hydrogen market.

Dr Frank Reiners to represent OGE in the European Hydrogen Alliance

A very important player in this context is the European Hydrogen Alliance, also presented by the EU Commission on 8 July 2020. It is intended to bring together stakeholders from politics, business and society and support the EU Commission in implementing its Hydrogen Strategy. OGE as one of the leading European transmission system operators has therefore decided to offer the Commission to participate in the European Hydrogen Alliance. Yesterday, the EU Commission published its final list of members, and OGE is very pleased to have been considered. Dr Frank Reiners will represent OGE at management level. "I look forward to contributing our experience and OGE's expertise to the work of the European Hydrogen Alliance. After all, actively shaping tomorrow's energy supply and paving the way as an infrastructure provider for the hydrogen economy at EU level is one of OGE's core concerns," Frank Reiners said.