Zukunft RuH2r – regional hydrogen cluster enables decarbonisation across multiple sectors 

The “Zukunft RuH2r” project provides for an efficient supply of hydrogen in the key region between the cities of the Ruhr and southern Westphalia.

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A collaboration between gas transmission and distribution system operators aims to establish the infrastructural prerequisites for supplying hydrogen to the industry of the region. In addition, there are plans to make the innovative energy source also available to consumers in the transport and buildings sectors. The “Zukunft RuH2r” regional hydrogen cluster thus allows for cross-sectoral decarbonisation and can be connected to the German and European hydrogen network via the transmission system operator OGE.


In view of the ambitious climate change mitigation targets and hence the pressure on local consumers in the SME-dominated industry and other sectors to decarbonise their processes using hydrogen, there now is a need to establish a regional hydrogen cluster in the southeast of the Ruhr area and neighbouring Sauerland. This demand for hydrogen in the region coincides with the availability of power plant sites with efficient connections to water and gas pipeline systems and the electricity transmission grid.

To link up this hydrogen generation potential with the demand for the innovative energy source, the gas transmission system operator OGE has teamed up with distribution system operators ENERVIE Vernetzt and Westnetz to set up a regional hydrogen network. It should be emphasised here that other interested parties are welcome to connect to the publicly accessible hydrogen network, the ultimate aim being to expand the hydrogen cluster to the neighbouring regions if there is sufficient demand. The pipeline infrastructure is therefore able not only to connect up the individual project partners of the “Zukunft RuH2r” hydrogen cluster, but also potentially to link it up with the transmissions system operators’ supra-regional hydrogen network.

In developing the hydrogen infrastructure, the grid operators can make use of mutually complementary capabilities. While the distribution grid operators are particularly familiar with the circumstances and needs of customers locally, OGE will apply the relevant specialist knowledge gained from hydrogen transportation projects that are already being implemented.


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Transmission and distribution system operators develop "Zukunft RuH2r" project to build an efficient hydrogen infrastructure

Pipeline companies plan to create hydrogen infrastructure in the key region between the Ruhr area and southern Westphalia. Climate-neutral energy supply for interested consumers in industry, transport and the buildings sector.