We enable energy supply. Today and in the energy mix of the future.

Our purpose makes clear what OGE stands for: We are actively advancing the energy transition. The “energy mix of the future” is crucial to achieving the climate protection targets in a way that is lasting, certain, and affordable. 

We are committed to the targets of the international Paris Climate Agreement and to Germany’s climate protection goals. The commitment is fundamental and poses a challenge: On the one hand, natural gas is needed as a bridging technology as nuclear energy and coal are gradually phased out in Germany. On the other, the climate protection targets mean that by 2045 Germany will have to run almost entirely without fossil natural gas. The most efficient way to achieve the climate protection targets, therefore, is to use renewable power and green gases (such as hydrogen). The existing gas infrastructure offers an efficient and secure way to transport green gases.

The direction is clear: We see climate protection as an opportunity and will therefore continue to develop into a leading infrastructure and service provider for sustainable, gaseous energy.

In view of these challenges, we are very happy to have employees who are so thoroughly committed. With their competence, motivation and creativity, they contribute to the successful transformation of OGE. In our first sustainability report, we therefore place the emphasis on people and their achievements – in the dimensions of ecology, economy and social issues.

Read more about our strategy and goals in our sustainability report.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

With the 2030 Agenda, the global community under the umbrella of the United Nations has committed itself to 17 global goals for a better future. These include economic, ecological and social aspects with the goal of enabling a decent life worldwide and at the same time permanently preserving the natural basis of life. We are committed to this responsibility.

Source: United Nations

You are also welcome to surf through our website: We clearly visualise the goals of our actions: in our services as well as in the area of applicants or in our construction projects.

Energy Policy Dialogue 2022

See the highlights of the panel discussion, which we have summarised for you in a short video (only in German).

H₂ercules. The hydrogen fast track.

The development of a hydrogen infrastructure is a crucial building block for the decarbonisation of Germany and the diversification of its energy supply. To accelerate this important process, OGE and RWE have developed the national infrastructure project "H₂ercules", which will supply consumers in the south and west of Germany with green hydrogen from domestic production and via import routes. 

Our projects and initiatives for the energy transition

We are working to create a Germany-wide hydrogen network and CO2 transportation infrastructure.

Repair work with no loss of natural gas

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly with mobile compressors.

Shift away from carbon? That's the way forward!

Green gases are integral components of a successful energy transition. But how?