Become a qualified supplier and participate: Tender for fuel gas for 2020

We require so-called fuel gas to drive the compressor units in our gas transmission system. As an operator of an energy supply system, we are responsible for procuring this fuel gas. For the year 2020, we called for tenders for our overall fuel gas requirements in several lots, split according to H and L-gas. The gas is to be delivered at the virtual trading point of NetConnect Germany GmbH & Co. KG with deliveries commencing on 1 January 2020.

Process rules

All gas traders interested can take part in this call for tenders in accordance with General Rules for Calls for Tenders for Fuel Gas. The General Rules outline the conditions for participation and delivery terms as well as the deadlines to be observed.

As part of a prequalification procedure, any interested trader can apply to be included in the list of bidders by submitting the documents required as proof of their capability. If this proof is furnished within the period set until 25 June 2019, they will be included in the list of bidders. All bidders should then submit one or more tenders to supply the products to OGE by 11.00 a.m. German time on 2 July 2019 at the latest. 

If a trader cannot furnish the proof required above or if there are other reasons laid down in the General Rules which preclude the interested party from taking part, they will not be included in the list of bidders. In this case, they will then not be able to submit any bids.

The prequalification for this call for tenders will be valid for two years. Bidders who have prequalified successfully in the tender of 2018 need not pass a new prequalification in order to be re-listed on the bidders list.

General rules for calls for tenders for fuel gas in 2020



The self-certification form to be completed as part of the prequalification can be found here

Delivery Terms

The terms of delivery for fuel gas to OGE can be found in the gas supply contract which can be downloaded here: Download.

This gas supply contract lays down the technical, operating, organisational and commercial conditions for the delivery and billing of fuel gas between OGE and the supplier.

The gas supply contract is an integral part of OGE’s General Rules for Calls for Tenders for Fuel Gas. The provisions of the gas supply contract have to be accepted, and they are also one of the prerequisites for inclusion in the list of bidders and for any consideration of the bids of potential suppliers. Shortly after having been selected by OGE, suppliers have to sign a gas supply contract in the version published here to be able to deliver the lots for which they have been awarded a contract.

H-gas products

We expect to require approx. 1.6 billion kWh of H-gas as fuel gas in 2020. For this gas we will invite bidders to tender in eight lots. These eight lots consist of three flat and five structured products.

L-gas products

We expect to require approx. 0.3 billion kWh of L-gas as fuel gas in 2020. For this gas we will invite bidders to tender in four lots. These four lots are structured products.

Call for tenders / pdf / 245.25 KB

General Rules of Procedure for the Call for Tenders for Fuel Gas

by Open Grid Europe GmbH for 2020

Call for tenders / pdf / 163.20 KB

Prequalification for fuel gas tenders


Call for tenders / pdf / 626.93 KB

Contract for the Supply of Fuel Gas

Specimen Contract