Innovation & Digitisation

The dynamics in the energy industry demand the best possible solu­tions for the energy mix of the future. 

Securing the current and ongoing success of our customers, partners and our company is our most important goal. To achieve this, we build on the interdependent components of innovation and digitisation as integral parts of our OGE corporate strategy and culture. 

Excitement for innovation & digitisation


We believe in the interplay of innovation and digitisation and the associated added value to develop solutions for tomorrow's energy market. In the future, green gases will flow through our pipelines in addition to natural gas. These include biogas, synthetic gases and, above all, hydrogen.

This requires a change in thinking and a corresponding ability to react - not only on our part, but also on the part of our partners and customers. In order to develop the best possible solutions for our partners, customers and our company in the energy mix of the future as well as associated products and processes, the interplay of innovation and digitisation forms an important part of our corporate DNA.

Perfect interplay through ambidexterity


The ideal interplay of innovation and digitisation enables the development of organizational ambidexterity and thus a balance between the optimization of existing processes through improvement and increasing efficiency (exploitation) and the development of new business opportunities through experimentation and flexibility (exploration).

This ensures that we, as OGE, are always challenging our status quo. To increase our productivity, optimize our processes and nourish our operations, we leverage existing resources in the form of specialized know-how, technologies, and markets. At the same time, we strive to develop new capabilities to respond to the volatile dynamics and complexity of markets and to ensure the space for spontaneity.  

With courage, creativity, and speed to new shores


As part of the optimization of existing processes and the development of new business opportunities, we test and validate our previously made assumptions about existing challenges, sometimes with the help of MVP's (Minimum Viable Products). This enables us to develop the precisely fitting solution for an existing problem.

Furthermore, as an agile organization, we work with new creative and innovative methods, such as so-called Objectives and Key Results (OKR). We show that we have the courage to leave the old behind in order to discover the new. We implement ideas and go ahead, even though no one has done it before us in the market.

To write the best stories

Our value understanding coupled with our approach helps us ensure we are moving in the right direction. Since defining our OGE 2030+ strategy in 2018, we have given shape to various ideas. This has included initiating various internal and external projects.

In terms of exploration, various new market opportunities have been unlocked, and in terms of exploitation, existing business has been further optimized.

Exploration – Developing new opportunities


Exploitation - Leveraging existing business