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As a connection customer, you have come to the right place with OGE. Reserve, bid for and manage capacities for your system. And find out about gas conditions and other important topics. 

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Get an overview of the current conditions in our transmission network and reserve capacities for your storage, LNG and production facilities or gas power plants.


Increase and manage capacities via PRISMA and our contract management system. And forecast your demand without obligation.

Urgent Market Messages

Contrat documents

Terms of conditions

Network access conditions / pdf / 626.83 KB

Network access conditions

General Terms & Conditions for Entry/Exit Contracts (entry/exit system) version 11 (31.03.2020), applicable from 1st October 2020

Market information / pdf / 26.07 KB

Minimum contractual pressures at entry points

Minimum contractual pressures at entry points (only in German)

Market information / pdf / 73.12 KB

Communication data sheet of Open Grid Europe

The list of bookable points/zones for network operators and shippers you will find here

Price sheets

Price sheet / pdf / 866.87 KB

Price Sheet of Open Grid Europe GmbH for entry and exit contracts as well as internal orders in accordance with Cooperation Agreement XI in the market area NetConnect Germany GmbH & Co. KG respectively Trading Hub Europe GmbH

Valid for gas shipments from 1 January 2021

Price sheet / pdf / 470.96 KB

NCG Price sheet of Open Grid Europe GmbH 2020

for entry and exit contracts and internal orders pursuant to Cooperation Agreement X.2 in the market area of NetConnect Germany GmbH & Co. KG, valid for shipments from 01.01.2020

Price sheets that were valid before the current calendar year can be found in our media library.

Capacity requests and connection requests

Form / pdf / 42.37 KB

Reservation request

Open Grid Europe offers its shippers a form for the efficient handling of enquiries pursuant to Section 38 GasNZV. The use of the form is intended to ensure that Open Grid Europe promptly obtains all information required to process your enquiry efficiently.

Network connection, Interconnection / pdf / 116.70 KB

Biogas network connection request

Minimum information needed to test the connection of a biogas plant to the network of Open Grid Europe GmbH according to Section 41c Paragraph 2 No. 1 of the Gas Network Access Ordinance (GasNZV)

Form / pdf / 26.31 KB

Request for an individual assessment

We have been unable to book firm capacities as part of an online enquiry / booking via PRISMA. With reference to Sec. 2 of Appendix 2 of the "General Terms & Conditions for Entry/Exit Contracts (entry/exit system) Version 10.1 (08.05.2019) valid from 01.06.2019" (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions"), we therefore request a binding individual capacity assessment which takes account of the following information

(Technical) connection conditions and contracts

Market information / pdf / 616.38 KB

Minimum technical requirements

Apart from the network connection conditions, the MTRs also includes binding requirements and recommendations for the safe, efficient and cost-effective implementation of technical rules and regulations for the installation, modification and operation of gas pressure regulating and metering systems connected to Open Grid Europe’s pipeline network. Note: The following technical guidelines have been incorporated into and replaced by the revised MTRs with effect from 20 November 2017: Network connection conditions, Minimum technical requirements for gas pressure regulating and metering stations (TMA-GDRM), Minimum technical requirements for measuring equipment as well as data scope and quality for measuring equipment (TMA-Mess), Guideline for gas pressure regulating and metering stations (GL 340-502), Guideline for gas property measuring equipment (GL 340-503), Commissioning of network connections and measuring equipment installed in the pipeline network operated by Open Grid Europe GmbH and Network connection conditions for biogas (only in German).

Network connection, Interconnection / pdf / 854.56 KB

Network connection contract

This contract governs the connection of a gas plant of a connection customer ('connectee') to the gas supply network of Open Grid Europe at the network connection point. It contains above all provisions governing the operation of, and changes to, the gas pressure regulating and metering station assigned to the network connection point, as well as the exchange of information between the parties to the contract (only in German).

Network connection, Interconnection / pdf / 33.64 KB

Storage connection contract

The standard model of Open Grid Europe's storage connection contract is available as a download for all interested storage operators (only in German).

Topics on metering point operation

Metering point operation / pdf / 769.07 KB

Gas metering point operator framework agreement

According to the Federal Network Agency's ruling of 23 August 2017 (Ref.: BK7-17-026), metering point operators within the meaning of Section 2 (12) of the Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG) and operators of gas supply networks within the meaning of Section 3 (6) of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) are obliged to conclude new metering point operator framework agreements pursuant to Section 9 (1) para. 3 of the MsbG. The resolution governs the adaptation of the standard agreements to the requirements of the Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition. The gas metering point operator framework agreement (MSB-RV Gas) available for download here corresponds as required to the amendment of the gas metering point operator framework agreement as specified in ruling BK7-09-001 on the MSB-RV Gas on 9 September 2017 (only in German).

Metering point operation / pdf / 65.82 KB

Description of metering point operation

Where Open Grid Europe has been commissioned to operate the metering point at network connection points, it will provide such services in accordance with the published services specification for metering point operation (only in German).

You will find further contract documents in our media library.

For a secure, high-quality supply of natural gas – now and in the future. 

Based on the findings resulting from the gas shortage situation in February 2012, we have agreed a range of measures with the other network operators..