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Current issue

Turning old into new: making natural gas pipelines fit for hydrogen

We all do it: we renovate houses, repair cars or use old jars to make grandma's jam. Refurbishing old things makes sense. It doesn't always have to be something new. It's good for the environment and for your wallet. We will do the same with the hydrogen network. We want to continue using the old natural gas pipelines and transport hydrogen in them.

This issue of the OGE Policy Impulse explains how pipeline conversions from natural gas to hydrogen work.

Abbildung eines Leuchtturms
April 2023

A H2erculean task

The aim is clear: after a year in which our energy supply has been turned upside down, the course must now be set for the future. A future with safe and clean energy sources. OGE and the other partners of the initiative will make a decisive contribution to this with H₂ercules.

December 2022

Working at full speed for security of supply: the Wilhelms­haven pipeline link (WAL)

It’s finished! A little more than nine months after the start of the project, the Wilhelmshaven pipeline link, or WAL, is about to go into operation.

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