Availability down to the last fibre: We help you utilise your dark fibre network.

We’ve been operating dark fibre networks throughout Germany since as far back as 1997, as part of which we have activated more than 140,000 km of these fibre-optic cables for our customers. Make use of our fibre-optic infrastructure and the complete range of services to go with it. 

Our fibre-optic Maintenance Management Centre (MMC) is there to help you with your enquiry and with all planning, consultancy, realisation, maintenance and servicing work you may require. OGE’s nationwide maintenance organisation ensures the quality and availability of your fibre-optic network around the clock. The MMC will provide all the services you need – right down to geographic and technical documentation.

The processes and IT installations required for the operation, expansion and administration of the cable infrastructure and system equipment sites are managed centrally by us.

We're always on call and ready to help

Our on-call service is available around the clock, every day of the year. Throughout Germany we have on-call crews, tradesmen, technicians and engineers for all relevant areas of expertise. The MMC coordinates all assignments so that even in the event of major damage and longer deployments we can always provide a sufficient number of personnel.

We know what we’re doing

Take advantage of our many years of experience in fibre-optic measurement (OTDR, PMD, CD), pipeline documentation (GIS), liaison with the authorities, project management and construction management on site.

MMC figures

Throughout Germany, our MMC manages more than 12,000 km of pipeline routes with more than 25,000 km of fibre-optic cables and over 140,000 km of dark fibre networks provided to our customers.

In other European countries, the MMC looks after leased fibre projects to be able to provide complete solutions to customers throughout Europe. 

We monitor and operate more than 140 system equipment sites, from standard containers to multi-room buildings, complete with all technical systems such as air conditioning, UPS, building monitoring, etc.


Our Service Desk will answer all questions relating to the cable system and the system equipment sites.

We retain specialist to locate / provide detailed information about the route, represent your interests in initial discussions about the construction project, and are your contact for all questions about route safety.

What’s more, we also process access requests and accompanied access to the system equipment sites, thereby ensuring controlled access.

During all phases of fault clearance along cable routes and at system equipment sites, our experienced engineers are available for you to contact.

Project Management / Site Management

Whether it’s rerouting cable systems, expanding or upgrading infrastructure or providing a customised dark fibre network, the MMC takes care of all stages of your project, from planning/budgeting through to realisation and provision.


The fibre-optic cable systems are maintained at regular intervals so that the long-term effects of the fibres can be monitored. We carry out annual maintenance on all parts and installations at system equipment sites, from cutting the grass and removing shrubbery through general housekeeping to maintenance of the air conditioning systems, information reporting system, the AC/DC system and the emergency power supply system.

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Communication and cable system maintenance

Quality assurance and cost savings, Data sheet (only in German), March 2021

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System planning and project management for communication networks

Preparations for optimal project execution, Data sheet (only in German), March 2021

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Managed VPN solutions, Data sheet (only in German), March 2021

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