Individual H2-workshops on your way to a green future 

The knowledge transfer for the acceleration of the market ramp-up of hydrogen

In the phase of development of the European hydrogen infrastructure, OGE has gained valuable experience through research and hydrogen suitability projects since 2018 and is an integral part of various innovative and cross-sector projects for the implementation of the H2 economy in Germany and the market ramp-up in Europe.

The acquired specialist knowledge and technical expertise we can now share with you. The following topics will be addressed among others:

  • Challenges and opportunities of the hydrogen economy
  • Relevant technical implications and fundamentals of hydrogen suitability
  • Impact on network planning, network control and gas quality measurement
  • Impact in operation due to transformation to H2 pipelines

Performance Features

Through standardized preparation and follow-up as well as professional moderation of the workshops, we enable efficient and goal-oriented appointments. The workshop topics can be individually adapted to your needs. By arrangement, the workshops can be held in presence as well as online.


Exemplary contents of the modular workshops:

  • Onboarding
    • Preparation & Organization
    • Joint target and expectation management
  • Module 1: Regulations & Framework
    • Legal framework
    • Technical framework
    • Network conditions
    • Gas properties and transport
  • Module 2: H2 material evaluation
    • Properties of hydrogen
    • Material resistance and test results
    • Hydrogen compatibility of lines and equipment
    • Approaches to systemic suitability assessment
  • Module 3: Operational safety
    • Changes in operational safety
    • Operational safety on site
    • Changes in pipeline operation
  • Outlook
    • Transformation path into the hydrogen economy
    • Opportunities and potentials of an overarching hydrogen strategy
    • Management summary incl. target achievement

We are also able to arrange individual workshops in collaboration with you, should you only be interested in certain aspects. 


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