Gas transmission

Market information

We stand for transparency and are happy to provide information if you are looking for details of our pipeline network and our activities on the market. 

Operational network data

Web publications

Network map and concise information on the current conditions in our gas network.

Action plan 

Maintenance work, newbuild projects, changes and expansion projects. ou can now find our grid activity plan with the usual information as an integral part of the web publications.

Metering point designations 

To avoid misunderstandings and incorrect allocation of measuring data, we as a network operator allocate a clear, permanent, alpha-numerical designation for each metering point in our network according to a specific structure.

Internal order / pdf / 19.41 KB

Gas quality documents, H-gas, Exit

Gas quality documents - Appendix to capacity contract for H-gas at exit point (only in German).

Internal order / pdf / 19.42 KB

Gas quality documents, L-gas, Exit

Gas quality documents - Appendix to capacity contract for L-gas at exit point (only in German).

Legal publications 

Sitemap on network transparency 

Overview of all legal publications. For full network transparency.

Publication according to EnWG

Legal publication according to the Energy Industry Act


Important information about the gas market: the latest Urgent Market Messages.

Information for publication before the annual auction and the tariff period  

Publication according to Art. 29 and 30 (EU) 2017/460 (NC TAR)

Information on Article 4.1 of Regulation (EU) 2015/703 (Network Code Inter 

Rules for interoperability and data exchange (NC INT) with network users.

Information according to decision KAP+

Publication according to decision (BK7-19-037) concerning " the approval of an oversubscription and buy-back scheme of the transmission system operators for the offer of additional capacity in the single German market area ("KAP+")“.

General information 

Management information 

Applying for a free-of-charge information on buried lines in good time before a construction project.

L-/H-Gas conversion

The gradual switch to H-gas, together with all transmission system operators.


Updates on the establishment of virtual interconnection points.

Gas crisis prevention 

Measures from the "Gas Crisis Prevention" guide – for maximum security of supply. 

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