Energy & emissions

Green is not only the colour of hope – but also our future

We are not merely hoping for a green future, we are shaping it. We see ourselves as an important player in Germany’s energy transition and are convinced that green gases like hydrogen will be part of the energy mix of the future. That is why we are actively involved in numerous hydrogen projects. 

When I buy electricity, I only buy green electricity.

Sebastian Bergmann, Energy Purchasing

Future projects of involving hydrogen, biogas and CO₂ transport need the right framework

OGE has the infrastructure to transport natural gas today and green gases in the future. We see three building blocks for achieving the international and German climate protection goals:

  • Avoidance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Contribution to the energy transition
  • Climate-neutral handling of carbon emissions

Committed to the hydrogen economy

A Germany-wide and European hydrogen market needs a legal and regulatory framework. OGE is committed to ensuring that this framework is designed in such a way that the hydrogen economy can develop quickly.

National Hydrogen Council

The National Hydrogen Council (NWR) was established to advise the federal government and acts as an independent, non-partisan advisory body. OGE’s CEO Dr Jörg Bergmann has been appointed to this body to monitor and advise on the implementation of the National Hydrogen Strategy with his gas network expertise.

Our projects: Accelerating the market ramp-up

In order to achieve our goals for the ramp-up of hydrogen and other green gases as well as the transport of CO2, we are participating in specific projects on hydrogen infrastructure and hydrogen research, biomethane and bio-LNG, and CO2 transport.

As soon as hydrogen flows through our pipelines, we will form an essential pillar in Europe's green energy system. But we don't want to wait for that future. We are already making our contribution to a sustainable energy system today.

Actively shaping the transition to climate neutrality in uncertain times

Emissions of greenhouse gases like CO2 are a factor in manmade climate change and must be reduced further. Germany has set itself the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2045.

We committed ourselves to 45 percent less greenhouse gas emissions and 55 percent less methane emissions by 2025 compared to 2009.

“The digital trans­for­mation also means getting off the server and into the cloud.

Oliver Detering, Digital Workplace

In the Sustainability Report, chapter Ecology, you can read in detail what we are doing to achieve this and which goals we have reached in 2022.

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Sustainability Report 2022

Published 27 April 2023