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Real-time detection of damage to pipelines caused by excavators

In order to protect pipelines from damage (e.g. during construction activities), they are regularly inspected on foot, from a vehicle or helicopter. Practical experience has shown, however, that these methods do not ensure continuous and comprehensive monitoring. PipeMon+® closes this gap, allowing appropriate measures to be taken immediately when a pipeline is suddenly damaged.

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  • OGE has developed a pipeline monitoring method based on the principle of cathodic protection (CP)
  • When a cathodically protected pipeline is damaged by construction equipment (excavator, drill, rotary cultivator, etc.), the protective current distribution on the pipeline changes
  • Using appropriate sensors and special analysis methods, these events can be detected in real time


  • Sensors are installed approx. every 20 kilometres along the pipeline (network-independent power supply via marker posts with solar panels)
  • Sensors continuously measure current and potential (10 times per second)
  • If there is contact between an excavator and the pipeline, the operating personnel are alerted
  • A pipeline operations team member may be scheduled to site to check the reported excavator contact

Areas of Application

  • Temporarily during construction work and when new loop line is constructed
  • Permanent for selected networks (e.g. areas with very high protection requirements)


  • Protection of man and the environment
  • Protection of asset and security of supply
  • Compensation by party that has caused the damage
  • Low investment costs due to use of existing infrastructure
  • Additional information on the condition and effectiveness of the cathodic protection (CP) system of the monitored pipeline
  • Extended CP monitoring intervals
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Real-time detection of damage to pipelines caused by excavators, Data sheet, November 2020

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