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Repair work with no loss of natural gas: Cost-effective and environmentally friendly with mobile compressors. 

Repair work on the natural gas network often results in natural gas escaping into the atmosphere from the isolated pipe section. This is undesirable from both an economical and an ecological perspective, but we have a solution: our mobile compressors, which pump the natural gas into other pipeline systems. 

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Transferring the natural gas makes economic sense, guarantees responsible handling of this primary energy source, and makes a substantial contribution towards protecting the environment.

We will be happy to send our mobile compressors to wherever maintenance work is being carried out on your network. The systems work individually or in parallel for the utmost efficiency. Connection points for the mobile compressors are available in the area of the main line valves, for example, or can generally be retrofitted.

What mobile compressors can do for you

  • Pipeline evacuation down to minimum pressures < 3bar
  • Reduction in methane emissions by up to 95%
  • Responsible handling of primary energy
  • High environmental protection effect
  • Cost savings
  • Customised turnkey service
  • Installation or modification of the connection points

Technical details

  • Two mobile compressors with a drive power of 749 kW each
  • Towing vehicle: Mercedes-Benz Actors
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 14.5 m x 2.5 m x 4.0 m
  • Total mass: < 40 t
  • Main drive: Caterpillar gas engine G3512LE
  • Fuel consumption: 150 Nm3/h (max. 250 Nm3/h) on average
  • Reciprocating compressor: (LMF BS 604) 2 stages, double-acting
  • Rating: approx. 640 kW
  • Delivery: 2,000 to 66,000 m3(n)/h
  • Suction pressure: 2 – 71 bar
  • Discharge pressure: max. 72 bar

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Ensuring the continuity of gas transmission and climate protection

Plugging (stoppling) techniques / component fabrication / welding methods, testing and inspection / mobile compressors / mobile natural gas supply, February 2020 (only in German)

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Mobile compressor

Ensuring the continuity of gas transmission and climate protection, Data sheet, February 2020 (only in German)

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