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Our performance in figures: All structural data at a glance.

Do you wish to know how long our pipeline network is, how many kWh we deliver to exit points each year, or what is the highest simultaneous load we manage in a year? Al this structural data is provided here at a glance in accordance with section 27 (2) of the Gas Network Charges Ordinance (GasNEV).

Total length of transmission system:
11,540 km

Length of transmission system by diameter class:

11,538 km

Length of transmission system by diameter class:
A: 3.263 km
B: 3.607 km
C: 1.943 km
D: 987 km
E: 1.395 km
F: 343 km
G: 2 km

Annual offtake quantity to distribution system operators and final consumers (2020):
298.683.822.518 kWh

Number of exit points:
1,009, of which

0.1-1 bar: 2
>1 bar: 1,007

Simultaneous annual peak load (2020):
111.622.219 kWh on 7 February 2020, 08-09 hrs.


(As of 31 December 2020)

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Relevant Points of the Transmission System Operators

in accordance with Article 18(4) VO 715/2009 (as on: 10/2021)