WAL construction project

The Wilhelmshaven pipeline link (WAL) – for a secure future in Germany

We’re ready to take on the challenge: We want to complete the WAL for the new LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven by the end of 2022. The pipeline is a huge step towards gaining independence from Russian natural gas as quickly as possible – and it will be hydrogen-ready.

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The geopolitical situation requires us to diversify our natural gas supplies. The project will help to strengthen social stability and supply security in Germany. Diversification means building additional terminals and connecting pipelines for LNG. This new energy infrastructure must be built and ready for use by the end of the year which requires close cooperation between politics, authorities, society and OGE. The pipeline will be hydrogen-ready and hence be able to transport clean energy in the future.

For the Federal Ministry of Economics, the fastest possible construction of LNG terminals (or berths for FSRUs) in Wilhelmshaven is a top priority as it will offer direct import opportunities.

A quick way of enabling the supply of LNG for German households and industry.

Safe in time. Safe for the future. During construction and operation.

A clean basis for tomorrow’s hydrogen infrastructure.

WAL facts and figures

The pipeline will be just under 30 km long, have a diameter of about one metre (DN 1000) and will provide an initial annual capacity of 10 billion cubic metres. The end point will be the Norddeutsche Erdgas-Transversale (NETRA) pipeline near the Etzel gas storage facility. The NETRA tie-in will allow the gas to be shipped from the North Sea coast to the south and east of the country to replace Russian gas in the future.

WAL is the first step towards a further capacity increase in the region

Apart from the WAL pipeline project, there are further plans to invest in the region's gas infrastructure. Additional newbuild and expansion projects will enable the capacities created for onward transportation of gas from Wilhelmshaven to be expanded to as much as 28 billion cubic metres annually over the next few years.

Press releases

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Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal: Application documents submitted for planning approval procedure for Wilhelmshaven pipeline link

OGE submitted its application documents for planning approval for the Wilhelmshaven Pipeline Link (WAL).

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Wilhelmshaven LNG terminal

OGE plans to build pipeline link by end of 2022