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Conference and trade fair

H2morrow press conference, Essen, 2019

Germany’s stated goal is to become largely greenhouse gas-neutral by 2050 without jeopardising its economic and innovative strength or security of supply. Many experts believe that hydrogen will play a central role in achieving this goal. But where will climate-neutral energy come from? Equinor and OGE answered this key question at a press conference in Berlin on 8 October 2019 by presenting a feasibility study and their joint "H2morrow" project.

Energy Policy Dialogue 2019

On 5 September 2019, Open Grid Europe hosted its sixth Energy Policy Dialogue. The aim of the event is to strengthen dialogue between politics, business, science and society on matters relating to energy policy.

Mit Michael Theben (Head of the Climate Protection Department of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia), Dr. Felix Christian Matthes (Research Coordinator for Energy and Climate Policy at the Ökoinstitut and member of the WSB Commission), MdB Andreas Rimkus (Member of the Bundestag Committee for Economics and Energy), Detlev Wösten (Member of the Executive Board of the H&R Group and Chairman of the VCI Nord), Dr. Jörg Bergmann (Chairman of the Board, Open Grid Europe).

Gas transmission

Expansion and upgrade of the compressor station in Werne

The compressor station in Werne is the central hub in Germany’s natural gas grid. 13 pipelines from different directions meet at the site, transporting natural gas from the Netherlands, also referred to as L-gas, and natural gas from the North Sea, also known as H-gas, to the Ruhr region and further on south. About 25 billion m³ or roughly a quarter of the natural gas consumed in Germany every year passes through the compressor station in Werne.

Natural gas transmission: Modern pipeline construction

A new natural gas pipeline is under construction: from Rimpar in the North of Bavaria to Sannerz in Hesse. The pipeline route, with a length of about 67 kilometres, runs mainly through agricultural areas.

Natural gas transmission: Flyover of pipeline project

Experience a bird’s eye view of the construction of the new Sannerz-Rimpar loop line in Bavaria, where around 67 kilometers of pipeline comprising 3,800 steel pipes cross steep slopes, rivers and railway tracks.

Natural gas transmission: Pipeline construction at a glance

At around 12,000 km, Open Grid Europe operates Germany’s largest high-pressure gas pipeline system. We ensure security of supply for millions of consumers: in an efficient, environmentally friendly and, above all, safe manner.

Known how!

The OGE Hydrogen Guide

We believe in the supermolecule hydrogen as the basic building block of the energy system of the future! In the video the OGE Hydrogen Guide explains why we do so and which projects we are already planning today.

Vocational training - Industrial mechanic 
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Vocational training - Industrial mechanic with a parallel degree course
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Vocational training - Electronics technician for operating technology
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We guide you step by step through the adjustment of the Exclusion and Inclusion.

In the contract management system there is an option to adjust the inclusion of a booked contract. In this video we guide you through the necessary processing steps.

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Calculating fees

We guide you step by step through the fee calculation.

By using two examples, we will explain how the fee calculator works.

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