22 Dec 2021

Press release

OGE plans competitive capacity marketing at selected storage connection points

On 30 November 2021, OGE submitted an application to the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) for the introduction of competitive capacity marketing at selected storage connection points starting in 2022 (ref. BK7-21-099).  

Competitive capacity marketing is intended to ensure that capacities can be offered simultaneously in a flexible way at several competing points within a zone. Competition in zones can occur from a network planning perspective, for example, where storage facilities are located close to each other and share a connecting pipeline to the transmission network. OGE sees marketing between competing storage connection points as an adequate way to better meet the market demand for firm capacities. The capacities at one of the points in this competition zone will be allocated to the first bidder as part of the booking procedure on the PRISMA capacity marketing platform. Under the previous procedure, the capacities are simply held available at the booking points where they are then booked.  

If the application is approved by BNetzA, OGE will provide detailed information on the subject and offer a webinar for all interested market participants in good time before introducing competitive capacity allocation, at the earliest on 1 April 2022.  

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned network planning aspects, the competition zones for OGE will be as follows:  

Bierwang Breitbrunn zone
Speicher Bierwang
Speicher Breitbrunn  

Epe H zone
Speicher Epe H
Speicher Gronau-Epe H1  

Etzel zone
Friedeburg-Etzel, Schienenstrang, EGL
Etzel (Speicher Crystal), Bitzenlander Weg 10
Friedeburg-Etzel, Bitzenlander Weg 2
Etzel (Speicher ESE), Bitzenlander Weg 3 

Epe L zone
Speicher Epe L
Speicher Gronau-Epe L1 
Speicher Gronau-Epe L2