29 Nov 2021

Press release

Main construction activities for ZEELINK compressor station in Legden get underway

  • Construction to continue until 2023, restoration work to be completed in 2024
  • Construction site traffic plans in place
  • Project website and contact address

Following planning approval granted by the district government in Münster for the ZEELINK compressor station in Legden on 9 August 2021, a number of activities on site were started. Preparations including site surveying have already been completed.

These preparations will now be followed by the main construction activities: the first step will be the removal of the topsoil and preparations for structural and civil engineering work. "Completion of the compressor station is scheduled for the end of 2023, with commissioning planned for the summer of 2024. All site restoration activities will also be completed in 2024," said Dr Alexander Braun, the Legden compressor station project manager. 

Construction site traffic plans based on planning decision  

The routes for site traffic were agreed in advance with the municipalities and districts as well as the competent authorities. The resulting construction site traffic concept was approved as part of the planning decision. During the construction phase, the site traffic will be routed from the A31 via the B474, the L574 and the K33 to the construction site. Access to the site will then be primarily via the upgraded service road 172 and, until June 2022, via service road 174 which will offer a temporary access. This area will see an increased volume of traffic until construction is completed.

Project website accompanies construction work 

In order to provide transparency and keep residents and interested parties informed throughout the construction phase, a project website (www.zeelink- has been launched. It will provide information on the project, news from the construction site and a contact form. The project team can also be contacted directly with any queries or concerns by e-mail at dialog@zeelink-

Background: Legden compressor station  

Legden compressor station is part of the ZEELINK project. Apart from the station in Legden, the project comprises a gas transmission pipeline which has already been completed and another compressor station in Würselen. The ZEELINK project is a prerequisite for the conversion from L-gas to H-gas for millions of residential, commercial and industrial customers. The compressor stations will provide transmission capacity from the north to the south and vice versa, ensuring continuous gas supply. During transmission, internal friction between the gas molecules as well as external friction between the gas and the pipe wall slow down the gas and reduce its pressure. This pressure loss is compensated by compressor stations. Legden compressor station will also help to meet the additional import demand resulting from the L-to-H gas conversion.