Energy & emissions

Achieving significant emission reductions by 2025

As a key player in the energy transition, we are preparing Germany for the energy mix of the future. Green gases such as hydrogen are an essential part of this process. That is why we launched numerous hydrogen projects with strong partners in 2021.

Natural gas today, hydrogen tomorrow: everything is in flux here.

Ilka Bechert / Operations Engineer,
Mittelbrunn Compressor Station

Natural gas today, green gases tomorrow: We’re transporting the future

Enabling energy supply in Germany both today and in the energy mix of the future is only possible with the involvement of OGE. We have the infrastructure to move natural gas today and green gases tomorrow. With our approximately 12,000-km pipeline network, we are one of Europe’s leading transmission system operators. For decades, we have supported our customers with the utmost reliability. We are familiar with the major questions of the energy transition, and we’ve got answers.

Our hydrogen projects: initiatives for the energy transition

The most efficient way to achieve the climate protection targets is to use renewable power and green gases, most notably hydrogen generated in a CO2-free process. Our existing gas pipelines are a crucial element on the road to climate neutrality. They can be gradually converted to hydrogen. With feasible conversion and construction measures, use of existing infrastructure will therefore be possible quickly and cost-effectively.

We aim to create a nationwide, publicly accessible hydrogen network in Germany. A hydrogen market will thus develop with a large number of suppliers and consumers. For this, we are participating in hydrogen projects with important industry partners and testing initial steps to implement this vision in practice.

With hydrogen in our pipelines, we are an essential pillar in Europe‘s green energy system. However, we are not waiting for this future to arrive. We are already making our contribution to a sustainable energy system today.

Ideas, plans and measures to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

Emissions of greenhouse gases like CO2 are a factor in manmade climate change and must be reduced further. Germany has set itself the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2045. 

Our infrastructure makes us one of the leading transmission system operators in Europe. In 2021 we committed ourselves to 45 percent less greenhouse gas emissions and 55 percent less methane emissions by 2025 compared to 2009.

“We do all we can out here to avoid emissions.

Fouad Chaouachi / Foreman,
Hot Tapping and Plugging

In the Sustainability Report, chapter 4. Ecology, you can read in detail what we are doing to achieve this and which goals we have reached in 2021.

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Sustainability Report 2021

Published 30 June 2022