About us

Natural gas today, green gas tomorrow: We’re transporting the future to you. 

Enabling energy supply in Germany both today and in the energy mix of the future is only possible with the involvement of OGE. We have the infrastructure to move natural gas today and green gases in the future. With our 12,000-km pipeline network, we are among Europe’s leading transmission system operators. For decades, we have supported our customers with the utmost reliability. We are familiar with the major questions of the energy transition, and we’ve got answers.

All over the country, our roughly 1,450 staff in Sales, Dispatching, Service and Technical Infrastructure ensure that customers get the gas they need on time and in an environmentally friendly way. We work together with the European transmission system operators for transnational gas transportation and trading.

As a key player in the energy transition, we will prepare Germany for the energy mix of the future, where green gases like hydrogen will play an essential role. With our strategy 2030+, we are securing our transmission business for the long run and preparing our pipeline network and our numerous compressor stations for new molecular energy carriers. What’s more, we are creating regulatory scope for new areas of business and developing technical innovations and new services. We are also driving digitisation within our business.

We are calling on legislators to adapt the regulatory framework so that hydrogen and green gases can become essential components of the future energy supply.

Talk to us about your requirements and preferences for a future-proof, environmentally friendly energy supply. We will be happy to help you.