About us

Over 90 years of tradition and specialist expertise

In its present structure OGE started in September 2010 – but can look back on over 90 years of corporate history and expertise:


The Aktiengesellschaft für Kohleverwertung (AGKV), later to become Ruhrgas AG, is founded. Just five years later it is Germany's biggest supplier of coke oven gas.


The construction of a 75 km natural gas pipeline from Bentheim to Chemische Werke Hüls marks the beginning of the natural gas era in Germany.


Ruhrgas commences the phased conversion of its transmission networks from town gas to natural gas – domestic appliances and industrial furnaces are also upgraded. Work on converting the pipeline system to natural gas operation continues well into the seventies.


The German section of TENP, the trans-European pipeline running from the Netherlands through Germany to Switzerland and on to Italy, is commissioned.


The completion of the MEGAL pipeline from Northern Bavaria to the Saarland is the final link in the European natural gas network – with it, Ruhrgas has made a major contribution to Europeanising the supply of natural gas.


From 1950 to 2000 the share of natural gas in primary energy consumption in Germany increases from 0.1 % to 21.1 %.

2003 - 2008

Foundation of Ruhrgas Transport AG & Co. KG, later renamed E.ON Gastransport GmbH. By 2008 the workforce has increased to around 300.


In October 2008, bayernets and E.ON Gastransport merge their H-gas market areas to establish NetConnect Germany GmbH & Co. KG (NCG), thus creating the first market area co-operation in Germany. Responsibility for balancing group management and for operating the VTP is taken over by NCG.


In September the company is renamed Open Grid Europe GmbH. The business gains certification as an Independent Transmission Operator (ITO). With the integration of all technical departments, the number of employees rises to around 1,450.


August sees the start of the marketing of entry and exit capacities at border crossing points and market area boundaries on TRAC-X primary (renamed PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH in 2013). The German transmission system operators are thus compliant with one of the requirements of the gas network access ordinance calling for a joint marketing platform. Since September 2011, OGE and the Belgian transmission system operator Fluxys have been offering the first bundled capacity product linking the Zeebrugge Hub in Belgium to NCG’s VTP.


In July, the sale of OGE to a consortium consisting of British Columbia Investment Management, ADIA, Macquarie and MEAG is completed.

The Federal Network Agency in Bonn coordinates the development of the first nationwide gas network development plan (NDP Gas).

2012 - 2019

OGE invests 2.5 billion euros in the expansion of its gas infrastructure – including the development of the Werne compressor station (to allow the reversal of gas flows from south to north and vice versa) – and in the new Herbstein compressor station as well as the expansion of existing stations. 

After 2 ½ years of construction, the 141-km loop pipeline between Schwandorf, Forchheim and Finsing (LSF/LFF) in Bavaria is successfully brought on stream. Construction also begins on ZEELINK, a crucial pipeline for the market area conversion from L-gas to H-gas and security of supply in Germany. The total length of ZEELINK is 216 km, and the partners in the project are OGE (75 %) and Thyssengas GmbH (25 %). Completion of the pipeline and its two compressor stations is scheduled for March 2021.


From 1 January 2020, standardised fees apply in both of the German market areas.