Who we are and what we stand for

Our self-image and contribution to society

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An integral part of German and European energy supply 

With a pipeline network of around 12,000 kilometres in length, OGE is one of Europe’s leading gas transmission system operators. Our highly skilled and committed employees provide reliable, safe and customer-oriented gas transmission services, both within Germany and to neighbouring European countries. Two thirds of the natural gas consumed in Germany flows through our pipeline system. This makes us an integral part of a secure and affordable energy supply. 

Leading role in the competent development of the energy system

Our predecessor company Ruhrgas was a pioneer in the development of the gas industry and gas infrastructure in Germany. Continuing this tradition, we stand for technological and operational expertise in Germany and Europe in all areas related to the transportation of gaseous energy sources (and the associated services). We are Germany's leader in the design, construction and operation of gas infrastructure. This is why we believe it is our role to continue to play a leading role as an infrastructure operator in the development of the energy system. We want to be a driver of change in Germany and Europe.

Climate protection and a carbon-neutral energy system in 2045

We stand for climate protection and thus the goals of the agreement adopted at the Paris climate conference (COP21) at the end of 2015, as well as for Germany’s climate protection goals. This commitment is fundamental to who we are and challenges us. But the climate protection targets also mean that by 2045, Germany will no longer be able to use natural gas. We must therefore provide an answer to the key question for society, our industry, our employees and owners: "What role can and must the gas infrastructure play in the future?" The most efficient way to achieve the climate protection goals is with renewable electricity and green gases (such as hydrogen) – always using the existing gas infrastructure. This has been shown in various studies (including the dena pilot study).

Our purpose – aspiration and mission:

We enable energy supply. Today and in the energy mix of the future.

Together with our strategy we have developed this purpose for our organisation – as a promise to the market and society, as an expression of our raison d'être. This purpose summarises everything that OGE stands for. The "energy mix of the future" will depend on achieving the climate protection targets in a sustainable, secure and affordable manner.

We do what we say – this is our motto as we move towards the future

We are developing into an infrastructure provider also for H2

Given the new challenges, we came up with a new target vision for OGE and, building on this, we formulated our corporate strategy "OGE2030+" in 2018. So direction is clear:

We accept the challenges of the Climate Protection Plan and continue to develop into a leading infrastructure and service provider for gaseous energy. This includes developing and operating hydrogen infrastructure (using the existing pipeline system where possible) and offering related services.

To implement our strategy, we are developing important projects relating to sector coupling and hydrogen – often in collaboration with partners. With our "H2ercules" project, we want to build a Germany-wide hydrogen infrastructure by 2030. In the National Hydrogen Council and numerous industry and association activities, we are working to develop the right framework conditions for the hydrogen ramp-up together with politics.

We stand for constructive dialogue with politics & authorities

We openly address urgent political decisions and legal changes if we believe they are necessary for the sustainable and efficient achievement of climate protection goals and for our role as an infrastructure provider. We assume social responsibility by contributing our expertise to the political debate so that the regulatory framework can be adapted to the new era and geared towards climate protection. We take on this task not only in Germany in direct consultations with ministries and politicians but also in Europe. For example, OGE is closely involved in the European Gas for Climate Initiative (www.gasforclimate2050.eu).

How we do what we do – what you can expect

We are here, focused, constructive, connecting & integrating

We are here to work with all stakeholders to meet the current and future challenges of energy supply, every day. We are here with our employees, actively engaging in dialogue with our customers, with other network operators (electricity and gas), with associations and politicians. As a network operator, we offer all market participants non-discriminatory access to our gas infrastructure for energy transmission. We do not sell products from another level of the value chain. With our connecting infrastructure, we can help different stakeholders along the value chain to come together to achieve common goals. This is also what we demand from ourselves when it comes to finding answers to the important questions of the future energy system. 

Our aspiration is to shape the future in cooperation with others

Given our purpose we want to shape the change that lies ahead but we know that the energy transition will only work if companies and stakeholders cooperate across value chains and products, and jointly develop and drive forward initiatives. In some of these projects and initiatives OGE is taking a leading role. However, this is always based on a cooperative approach. We rely on this approach in our cooperation with others and are happy to be judged by it.

We stand for expertise with a team dedicated to the cause

We have outstanding employees with a wealth of gas and gas infrastructure expertise. They are passionate about the cause and proud of the reputation we rightly enjoy in Germany and abroad. We will continue to develop this expertise over the coming years, especially in the areas of sector coupling and green gases. Ultimately, it is committed, competent and passionate people who will master the challenges of the energy transition, and you can count on our team! 

People are at the centre of what we do

Our commitment to a secure, affordable and long-term climate-neutral energy supply is ultimately the foundation of our modern society. We act like a medium-sized company with an approachable management team, where people work with people, where people know and respect each other and where we stick together when it counts. We know that in the long run our people will be crucial to our success. With this attitude we will continue to be an attractive employer.