The first step towards supplier prequalification: European verification.

In order to make you one of our strategically important suppliers, we verify you through the neutral supplier information system Achilles Utilities Nordic & Central Europe (UNCE). 

By using Achilles Information GmbH, we ensure that all companies retained as contractors meet all of our minimum requirements. All suppliers have to meet the same requirements, which is important to ensure equal treatment. We also use the Achilles system to ensure rapid access to all suppliers and all of the necessary information.Was ist UNCE?

What is UNCE?

UNCE is a qualification system for the utilities sector in Central Europe and Scandinavia. It is designed to manage risk within the supply chain and comply with EU regulations. The UNCE community is managed by a steering group comprising members from across the energy industry.

What can suppliers expect from UNCE?

Once you have registered and qualified with Achilles, you will be visible as a supplier to Open Grid Europe and all other energy providers who use UNCE, allowing you to be considered and invited to tender for any future projects. The cost of joining the community will depend on your turnover and the number of products which you supply

Click here to register with UNCE.