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Information about additional capacities for the gas year 2022/2023 according to decision KAP+

According to tenor 3 lit. a) of the BNetzA decision regarding “the approval of an oversubscription and buy-back scheme of the transmission system operators for the offer of additional capacity in the single German market area” (KAP+) from 25.03.2020 (BK7-19-037) BNetzA was informed on 29 April 2022 about the amount of additional capacity of all transmission system operators. Based on this, OGE provides a listing on its basic and additional capacities as a download.  

OGE emphasizes that this is the only capacity provided by OGE at the specific IPs and and not the VIP capacity provided across TSOs, if applicable.

Market information / pdf / 205.78 KB

IP-specific additional capacities Gas Year 2022/2023