OGE Live 2022

Customers. Knowledge. Contacts.

Are you interested in current changes in the energy market? Would you like to bring your knowledge up to date on important topics?

The second edition of the online event OGE Live "Customers. Knowledge. Contacts." took place on 09 June 2022. For one morning we informed you about the current situation in the gas market and prepared you for the upcoming events - all online, compact and free of charge.

On this page you will find the information of the day in the form of video recordings and the slide sets shown.

The seminars overview

Latest News on Current Market Situation

Speakers: Henrich von Kopp-Colomb, Elmar Bresser, Tobias Schlimgen
Language: English Translation 

Latest News on Green Gases

Speakers: Thomas Stang, Thorsten Lauzat
Language: English Translation

References about the Yearly Auction 2022 / Competitive Capacity Marketing / Storage Themes

Speakers: Frank Scharwat, Tobias Happle
Language: English

Internal Order for Calendar Year 2023 / Biogas and Market Area Conversion Levy Process in VMS

Speakers: Phillip Taylor, Evelyn von Alten
Language: German

Latest News on Market Area Conversion

Speakers: Sabine Ebert, Sabine Roßa
Language: German

Here you will find the documentation of OGE Live 2021 - Customers. Knowledge. Contacts.