Capacity products

All you need to know about FZK, bFZK, BZK and DZK. Our capacity products at a glance. 

At OGE you can book various capacity products, which we organise via the primary and secondary marketing platform PRISMA. The product details are described in the product data sheets. 

Here you can find all the important information on each capacity product. You can download the detailed product descriptions for any type of capacity.

FZK – freely allocable capacities

These capacities allow firm and interruptible gas transmission across the whole market area and provide access to the Virtual Trading Pont of NCG.

bFZK – conditionally firm freely allocable capacities

These capacities are, in principle, both firm and freely allocable within the entire market area and have access to NCG's Virtual Trading Point.

At storage connection points, conditionally firm freely allocable capacities (bFZK) only become wholly or partly interruptible capacities if the daily mean temperature forecast on the previous day at the individual storage connection points exceeds or falls below a limit value set by OGE.

At virtual interconnection points, conditionally firm freely allocable capacities (bFZK) become interruptible if there is a physical gas flow via the Gernsheim and Rimpar stations towards the north and the daily mean temperature forecast on the previous day at the Essen weather station is higher than zero degrees Celsius.

BZK – capacities subject to allocation restrictions

These capacities allow firm gas transmission from defined entry points up to defined exit points. There is no access to the virtual trading point.

DZK – dynamically allocable capacity

This capacity indirectly enables the use of the VTP on an interruptible basis by linking the DZK balancing group with an invoicing balancing group. In addition, the network can be used on a firm basis for the booked capacity from an entry point to a predetermined exit point or for the booked exit point from a predetermined entry point. However, this requires corresponding entry and exit capacities to be booked at the above-mentioned network points and included in a separate DZK balancing group.

Please note that this information is non-binding and for convenience only. The legally binding document are the terms and conditions of the standard entry or exit contract in its current version as published by OGE.

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Product data sheet

Capacity products offered by Open Grid Europe GmbH, valid for gas transports as of 01 October 2020

To make it more convenient for our customers to calculate fees, we provide the following fee calculator.

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