Our hydrogen projects: Initiatives for the energy transition. 

The climate protection goals are most efficiently achieved with renewable electricity and green gases, especially hydrogen because it is carbon-free and can be used in all areas: households, small commercial enterprises, industry, transport, power generation and for the storage of renewable electricity. We at OGE are working to create a Germany-wide hydrogen network and have already launched the first few projects to plan and trial sustainable solutions. 

For the energy transition to be successful, CO2-containing energy sources such as coal will have to be replaced by carbon-free sources. Hydrogen has a key role to play here. It enables the decarbonisation of a wide range of customer segments and also allows the seasonal storage of renewable electricity.

Our existing natural gas pipelines will be key on the way towards achieving climate neutrality. They already connect sources of supply with large energy consumers and storage facilities and can be gradually converted to hydrogen. Manageable conversion and newbuild projects will help make existing infrastructure available as cost-effectively and as quickly as possible.

We are looking to establish a Germany-wide, publicly accessible hydrogen network. The idea is to create a hydrogen market with a large number of suppliers and demanders. To this end, we are participating in hydrogen projects together with important industrial partners and are taking the first steps towards putting this vision into practice.

Our hydrogen projects:


In this cross-value-added cooperation with RWE, the creation of a hydrogen infrastructure in Germany in XXL format is to be driven forward. The aim is to supply consumers in the south and west of Germany with hydrogen from the north. In addition to hydrogen production, import routes for green hydrogen are also planned. The transport is to be implemented using around 1,500 km of pipeline network, most of which based on converted natural gas pipelines.

Project H₂ercules

GET H2 Nucleus

The GET H2 partners BP, Evonik, Nowega, OGE and RWE Generation want to jointly build the first publicly accessible hydrogen infrastructure. The GET H2 Nucleus project combines the production of green hydrogen with industrial customers in Lower Saxony and NRW. The approximately 130-kilometer network from Lingen to Gelsenkirchen will be the first H2 network in the regulated area with non-discriminatory access and transparent prices.

Project GET H2 Nucleus

GET H2 TransHyDE

Research for the best infrastructure. The central fundamentals for the reliable operation of a climate-neutral hydrogen infrastructure are now being further deepened with a view to the future - RWE, Nowega, Rosen, Evonik, the University of Potsdam, the DVGW, Adlares, Meter-Q Solutions and OGE are working on practical solutions for the transport of hydrogen.

Project GET H2 TansHyDE

Hydrogen — the super­molecule and basic building block of the energy system of the future.

The OGE Hydrogen Guide can take a look into the future for us. The film is about hydrogen and what makes the green supermolecule so interesting for energy systems.