Details of contact person for OGE (will not be published)


Information to be published on the OGE website


I hereby confirm that OGE has indicated that the inclusion in the Supplier Overview is voluntary and that the right exists to terminate the provision of company information and “information for publication” at at any time without giving reasons and without incurring any disadvantages. If you do not wish to continue to provide your contact details, please let us know by sending a message via our contact form. We will then remove your company and contact details from our website.

For your security, the data submitted to OGE will be encrypted.

Please note that the “information for publication” you provide will be made available on the OGE website.

OGE assumes no guarantee for the quality and seriousness of the contact requests reaching you. You are therefore advised to carefully check incoming contact requests. E-mail attachments should not be opened without a prior security check.