Become a qualified supplier and participate: Tender for fuel gas for 2024

Open Grid Europe GmbH (OGE) requires so-called fuel gas to drive the compressor units in the gas transmission system which it operates. As an operator of an energy supply system, OGE is responsible for procuring the fuel gas in accordance with the stipulations laid down in the Energy Industry Act (EnWG). In the analogous application of Section 22, the EnWG requires that fuel gas be procured in a transparent, non-discriminatory and market-oriented manner.  

OGE is calling for tenders for its entire fuel gas requirements for the year 2024 in several lots, split according to H and L-gas. This is to be delivered at the virtual trading point of Trading Hub Europe (THE) with deliveries commencing on 1st of January 2024.

Rules of procedure

All gas traders interested can take part in this call for tenders in accordance with the "OGE Fuel Gas Tender 2024". The document contains all relevant information on the conditions for participation and delivery terms as well as all the deadlines to be observed. As part of a so-called prequalification procedure, any interested trader can apply to be included in the list of bidders by submitting the documents required. If this proof is furnished within the period set, the applicant will be included in the list of bidders.

Bidders can offer different products and also individual lots according to the offer sheets in the annex "OGE Fuel Gas Tender 2024".

OGE Fuel Gas Tender 2024

Document in the Download Section.

Delivery Terms / form of contract

The OGE EFET together with the document "OGE Fuel Gas Tender 2024" regulate the technical, operational, organizational and commercial framework for the delivery and billing of fuel gas between OGE and the supplier.

The acceptance of the provisions of the OGE EFET and the document “OGE Fuel Gas Tender 2024”  is also one of the prerequisites for inclusion in the list of bidders and for any consideration of the bids of potential suppliers.

The individual contract(s) based on the OGE EFET will then be concluded promptly, provided OGE has awarded the contract.

The terms of delivery for fuel gas to OGE can be found in the gas supply contract which can be downloaded in the Download Section at the end of this page.

Call for tenders / pdf / 258.17 KB

OGE Fuel Gas Tender 2024

Overview of the tender, Offer Sheets Bands & Structures, The nomination process, Documents for prequalification

Call for tenders / pdf / 214.63 KB

Delivery Terms / form of contract

EFET European Federation of Energy Traders