15 - 16 Sep 2021
Gelsenkirchen, Veltins Arena


3R Practical Experience Day and International Symposium on Pipeline Technology

The Practical Experience Day on corrosion protection is an independent, professional exchange platform for experts in corrosion protection of steel pipelines and underground facilities for the transmission and storage of liquid and gaseous media.

OGE well represented

OGE will be represented at both the Practical Experience Day and the Pipeline Symposium with a number of interesting papers.

Carmen Acht, together with Karl Korupp from SET, will present a paper entitled "Continuous remote monitoring of d.c. decoupling devices allows proactive inspection of installations". D.c. decoupling devices are used, among other measures, to protect people and carry excessive a.c. voltage away from the pipeline. A patent application for continuous remote monitoring has already been filed.

In the High Voltage Interference session, Hilmar Jansen will present a paper on collaboration between different industries (companies operating systems causing or affected by high voltage interference) and how the two sides can settle disputes by drawing on the AfK conflict resolution centre.

In the same session Ralf Watermann will present a paper on the revised DVGW Code of Practice GW 22 (the wording of which is identical to AfK recommendation no. 3 and TE 7 of the SfB). He will describe the background and objectives of the revision and the new structure and explain the new findings and aspects to be integrated into the GW 22 set of rules.

Andre Grassmann will report on the ZEELINK project at the Pipeline Symposium. The presentation will highlight the huge and diverse challenges during the planning and construction phase and explain how ZEELINK became a success story thanks to smooth and close cooperation between all parties involved.

In addition, OGE will present its PipeMon+ product at its stand in the foyer where people can find out how the system is used to detect excavators working in the vicinity of pipelines.