Our corporate culture and how we live it.

Open, together, determined.

Every company has specific values and standards that determine people’s behaviour within it. In other words: Its managers and employees deal with one another according to specific principles and attitudes. This sort of behavioural framework generally develops over years or decades, sometimes through the example set by the management, or simply because a specific cultural style has become successfully established.

Yet a corporate culture can also be developed in theory. In this case attention is paid to the values and norms that can help the company to attract the best skilled workers. The implementation of this sort of corporate culture in practice can only succeed, however, if it also aligns with the people involved. It has to adapt authentically to the company.

Here at OGE, we have given detailed thought to what kind of corporate culture we already have. How do we actually behave around one another? What is important to us? What kind of work environment do we offer for ourselves and our future colleagues?

It was an exciting process during which we discovered that we already have a strong cultural foundation. This has evolved over the course of our history as a company rooted in the Ruhr region. The people of this region are open, honest and direct with one another. They stand by one another. Their word is their bond. These are longstanding values that we actually practice at OGE. We cultivate an appreciative atmosphere with direct, open exchange and give constructive feedback to enable us to achieve our shared goals.

We are open

Here you can see two OGE colleagues from IT and the works council talking to each other. The discussion appears to be about the specific team functions of Office 365, but at its core it is really about communication and cross-team collaboration.

This openness and honesty creates trust among us and thus consolidates and shapes a sense of community. We know that OGE employs specialists in a variety of different fields, but we can only achieve our goals if we work together. Here, we support one another and exchange ideas across different departments.

We act together

OGE offers employees the chance to spend time in different departments. This is a great experience and helps to boost motivation. The two colleagues in the video are discussing precisely this kind of joint activity.

In addition to openness and togetherness, the analysis of our corporate culture revealed another aspect: We are determined in what we do. This is because all the important roles are only assigned to experts who have extensive knowledge of their areas of specialisation. When these experts reach a joint decision within their teams, then that decision stands. We then implement it conscientiously and with determination.

We are determined

HR planning in the OGE laboratory — it’s actually pretty straightforward when you talk openly and decisively to one another. Pragmatic and uncomplicated — just like the colleagues in the video.

This way, we master innovative tasks and projects of relevance to society and the economy. Incidentally, working this way not only leads to success, but is actually also pretty fun. We all like being here and enjoy working with colleagues who know what they are doing.

New employees experience our corporate culture from the very first day. They are guided and supported during the onboarding process. You will find OGE to be a future-oriented employer that values, encourages and challenges its staff and involves them in the development of the company.

We are OGE

More and more candidates are seeking a second interview. This and the feedback meeting at the end of the trial period are discussed by our colleague from HR and one of our project managers.

Open, together, determined: This is the framework for our corporate culture. In German, this translates to “offen, gemeinsam, entschlossen”, or simply “OGE”.