Mobile compressor

This is how flexible 40 tons can be.

Jörg Wermeling and Elvid Halilovic have overall responsibility for OGE’s mobile compressors. They tell us about their day-to-day work with Elenor and Optimus and the surprising obstacles that arise — as well as how they tackle them. Be sure to take a look!

When gas pipelines have to be repaired and maintained, help is available from Elenor and Optimus. These are the names given to OGE’s mobile compressors – forty tons of in-house development, which remove gas from an isolated pipeline section to the point where only 3 bar of pressure remains in the pipe. This way, the flexible heavyweights save 95% of CO2 emissions that would otherwise escape into the air when the gas is released.

Compressors are in demand all over Europe. Normally up to nine trucks transport all the components, which are then assembled over a period of days to create a stationary compressor. OGE does it differently. Environmentally friendly, flexible, and fast. Its mobile compressors are ready for use within just eight hours. Everything you need to pump the gas is already assembled and on board the vehicle. Short downtimes, urgent assignments, major overhauls or small projects: Everything is economically and reliably feasible with these mobile plants.

The equipment that would normally fill multiple containers is contained within a unit measuring 2.5 by 4 metres, which has to comply with a decibel limit and weight specifications alike.

Once they have reached their destination, Elenor and Optimus run on natural gas engines. After all, the energy is available in abundance at the site. Competitor solutions, meanwhile, consume around 375 litres of diesel — every hour.