22 Mar 2024

Press release

OGE puts its TransHyDE H2 laboratory – which is unique in Germany – into operation

Within the span of two years, OGE has planned, built and commissioned its innovative TransHyDE H2 laboratory in Essen. The TransHyDE project is one of three flagship hydrogen projects funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research and now provides a facility where six process gas chromatographs from various manufacturers will be tested for their H2 readiness using various H2 test gases and also be developed further.

Unique laboratory closes gap in the H2 industry

Precise billing for the amount of energy supplied in the gas industry requires officially verified and highly accurate measuring instruments, since the amount of energy is calculated from the gas flow and gas quality measured. This is why the industry needs verified process gas chromatographs, which are not yet available on the market for hydrogen.  

To support PGC manufacturers, OGE has now set up the H2 laboratory in Essen, which has been designed specifically for the properties of H2. Among other things, the laboratory is equipped with a pure water system and two electrolysers to simulate conditions that are as realistic as possible.

The flagship hydrogen projects

The three flagship hydrogen projects are a key contribution by the German Ministry of Education and Research to the implementation of the National Hydrogen Strategy. Together, they form one of the Ministry’s biggest funding initiatives relevant to the energy transition. They also provide crucial impetus for Germany’s entry into the hydrogen economy.