26 Mar 2024

Press release

"Safe, meaningful and progressive": OGE publishes its sustainability report for the 2023 financial year

"Working together in Germany and Europe, we overcame the energy crisis triggered by the Russian war of aggression and the resulting reduction in Russian gas supplies. In 2023, we worked hard together with multiple stakeholders to set the course for a secure and clean energy future, a future that makes us more resilient against possible future crisis events and at the same time enables us to achieve our climate targets." This passage from the editorial introduces OGE's third sustainability report, which is based on an ambitious sustainability strategy that continuously develops and transparently communicates OGE's previous commitment.

Focus on transforming the energy landscape in Germany and Europe

OGE has always provided a stable network and reliable transmission services for what is natural gas today and tomorrow, but will in future also include hydrogen and CO2. The sustainability report shows how OGE is making a real, sustainable contribution to security of supply – through its own projects, but also in joint initiatives with partner companies.

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine had a significant impact on energy supply in Germany and Europe in 2023 too. Despite changes to transmission routes, the supply and storage of gas was always guaranteed. 

"2023 was an energetic and eventful year in which we took action. By this, we mean that we stepped up our focus on energy security and therefore switched from reactive crisis mode in 2022 to solid action for the transformation of the energy systems in 2023," emphasises Dr Jörg Bergmann, CEO.

Among other things, OGE is consistently pushing ahead with various measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions in natural gas transmission and with sustainable digitalisation that contributes to this transformation.

At OGE, sustainability is also thought of and practised in the original forestry sense because OGE's pipeline projects also affect forests, which are reforested after the construction work has been completed and the soil has been recultivated in order to preserve forest areas in the long term.

Employees are a key component

The sustainability report also provides an insight into the role played by the more than 2,000 employees at the OGE group. Here, teams of generalists and experts from various specialist departments work hand in hand towards the goal of ensuring sustainable gas transmission in our service areas. OGE not only supports them with safe and rewarding working conditions, but also actively involves them in the development of the company, offers extensive training and further education and invests in numerous employer branding and recruiting schemes. In times of a shortage of skilled workers and constant changes in the working environment and business field, it is important for us as an employer to position ourselves clearly on topics that are important to our employees.

Our sustainability report explains OGE's sustainability strategy and goals and describes the measures implemented in 2023. It refers to the standards of the world-leading Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.