GET H2 Nukleus – the core of the publicly accessible hydrogen infrastructure for the whole of Germany 

The “GET H2 Nukleus” project involves the construction of the first publicly accessible hydrogen infrastructure. The approximately 130-kilometre-long network from Lingen to Gelsenkirchen will link the generation of green H2 with industrial consumers in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. Thus, the foundations are being laid for a hydrogen economy in Germany. 

By linking continuous generation of green hydrogen on an industrial scale, transportation and storage in existing infrastructure with continuous demand by industry, the GET H2 Nukleus project will lay the foundations for a reliable, sustainable hydrogen economy in Germany. The beginning of 2024 should see the start of production of green hydrogen and delivery to customers.

GET H2 Nukleus covers the complete value chain

  • The green hydrogen will be produced in Lingen, Lower Saxony, using wind power. For this purpose, an electrolysis plant with a capacity of more than 100 MW will be built at the RWE power station in Lingen.
  • Existing gas pipelines belonging to the transmission system operators Nowega and OGE will be converted to transport pure hydrogen, and Evonik will build additional pipeline sections. 
  • Using this infrastructure, the climate-neutral commodity will be transported to chemical parks and refineries in Lingen, Marl and Gelsenkirchen.
  • The companies will use the green hydrogen in their production processes and thus reduce their carbon emissions considerably.

Further information on the GET H2 Nukleus project can be found here.

First building block in nationwide hydrogen infrastructure

The GET H2 Nukleus project is the first building block in a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure that has already been sketched out by the members of FNB Gas e.V.. For the next step, plans are underway to link up existing cavern storage facilities as well as further H2 generation sites and consumers.

The GET H2 Nukleus is a GET H2 Initiative project


With hydrogen, we can drive the energy transition together

The initiative – GET H2

Creating the core of a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure with the aim of facilitating efficient implementation of the energy transition – that’s the goal of the GET H2 initiative. The initiative is backed up by companies and institutions working actively for the creation of a competitive hydrogen market and for the necessary changes to the statutory and regulatory foundations – and OGE is one of them. In multiple projects, the initiative’s partners are driving the development of technologies and their market launch and are planning infrastructure for the production, transportation, storage and use of green hydrogen.

Necessary political support for green H2

The market launch of green H2, the development of H2 infrastructure, the realisation of the advantages of power-to-gas technology, the establishment of a new branch of industry – all of this can be achieved with the support of a comprehensive package of measures:

  • Relieving PtG plants of levies and charges by amending the Renewable Energies Act (EEG)
  • Rapid transposition of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) into German federal law
  • Introduction of tradable certificates of origin that provide information on the contribution of H2 towards decarbonisation and count towards CO2 reduction goals – preferably CertifHy
  • Consistent consideration of H2 in the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG), in legislation, in regulations governing the gas market and in the Gas Network Development Plan (NDP Gas)
  • Supplements to technical rules and regulations (DVGW) to include pure H2 infrastructure

Further information on the GET H2 initiative can be found here.