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Call for tenders / pdf / 232.50 KB

Contract for the Supply of Fuel Gas

Specimen Contract Bands 2022

Call for tenders / pdf / 47.04 KB

General Rules of Procedure for the Call for Tenders for Fuel Gas

by Open Grid Europe GmbH for 2022

Call for tenders / pdf / 262.82 KB

Contract for the Supply of Fuel Gas

Specimen Contract H-L-Structures 2022 (only in German)

Call for tenders / pdf / 57.38 KB

Prequalification for fuel gas tenders

Self-Certification 2022

Internal order / pdf / 71.79 KB

Supplementary terms and conditions

Supplementary terms and conditions of Open Grid Europe GmbH for internal orders for downstream network operators as of 01.10.2021 – published on 30.07.2021 (only in German).

Price sheet, Network access / pdf / 537.92 KB

Network access conditions

General Terms & Conditions for Entry/Exit Contracts (entry/exit system) version 12 (31.03.2021), applicable from 1st October 2021

Instructions / pdf / 372.00 KB

Contract management system of Open Grid Europe GmbH

for capacity contracts and balancing group allocations

Instructions / pdf / 353.11 KB

Manual web publications and network map

Instructions for use and contents

Market information / pdf / 56.86 KB

Consultation VIP TTF-THE-L

Agreement on Implementation of a Virtual Interconnection Point between the Entry-Exit-Systems for L-gas of Gasunie Transport Services and Trading Hub Europe.

Press releases / pdf / 107.34 KB

Wilhelmshaven can become a hub for the German and European hydrogen economy

Wilhelmshaven is ideally placed to become an important hub for hydrogen. Several large-scale projects are planned here for this promising energy source, which is set to become a mainstay of the energy transition.

Seminar / pdf / 812.31 KB

Latest News on THE, Market Area Cooperation and Cooperation Agreement Gas

Speaker: Tobias Happle; Language: English

Seminar / pdf / 1.16 MB

Latest News on Hydrogen

Speaker: Tobias Schlimgen; Language: English

Seminar / pdf / 354.10 KB

News on DZK Product based on THE and §29b Anlage 1 KOV XII

Speakers: Uwe Kraft und Fabian Klimek; Language: English

Seminar / pdf / 2.26 MB

Latest News on the Market Area Conversion and the 2021 Implementation Report

Speaker: Sabine Ebert; Language: German

Seminar / pdf / 1.59 MB

Particularities of the Yearly Auction 2021

Speaker: Frank Scharwat; Language: English

Seminar / pdf / 932.37 KB

Internal Order for Calendar Year 2022

Speaker: Phillip Taylor; Language: German

Market information / xlsx / 45.72 KB

List of bookable points

Temporarily you can download the list of bookable points here. Soon you will find the information in our web publications (only in German)

Market information / xlsx / 28.39 KB

Maintenance work at critical points of the network before 2021

We have listed the critical maintenance, repair and tie-in work in a table.

Market information / xlsx / 11.34 KB

Maintenance at connection points downstream network operators before 2021

We have listed the critical maintenance, repair and tie-in work in a table. (only in German)

Press releases / pdf / 7.53 MB

Analysing future demand, supply, and transport of hydrogen

Study of the European Hydrogen Backbone (EUROPEAN HYDROGEN BACKBONE -EHB)