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OGE to install new gas pipeline section in Altena

As part of regular inspection and maintenance activities on its gas pipelines, OGE will replace a section of the "Südwestfalen pipeline" near the local tax office in Altena from the start of the Easter holidays (6 April 2020).

Internal order / pdf / 238.42 KB

Adjustment of internal order during the year

Adjustment of internal order during the year – published on 31.07.2016 (only in German).

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Expansion of SEW-Eurodrive factory premises in Graben-Neudorf requires pipeline to be rerouted

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ewi Energy Debate on 04-12-17

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Work at the NETG compressor station in Elten

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Open Grid Europe invests in security of supply for North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany

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New gas pressure regulating and metering station in Lohne

Press releases / pdf / 229.41 KB

Girls'Day 2016 at Open Grid Europe

Field sites / pdf / 32.48 KB

Directions to Compressor Station Waidhaus

Frankenreuth 62, 92726 Waidhaus

Field sites / pdf / 209.86 KB

Directions to Compressor Station Würselen (Zeelink)

Wambacher Benden 1, 52146 Würselen

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Planning approval granted for new gas transmission pipeline from Forchheim to Finsing

Brochure / pdf / 0.98 MB

Cathodic and local corrosion protection systems

Smart corrosion protection, Data sheet, February 2020 (only in German)

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Open Grid Europe to boost north-to-south gas transmission capacity in Bavaria

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Dialogue Market in Rhade on planned natural gas transmission pipeline from Heiden to Dorsten

Field sites / pdf / 34.17 KB

Directions to Field Station Hügelheim

Ruhrgasweg 2, 79379 Müllheim/Baden

Press releases / pdf / 71.97 KB

Open Grid Europe employees assume social responsibility

Press releases / pdf / 49.67 KB

Expansion of Werne compressor station

Field sites / pdf / 34.51 KB

Directions to Field Station Reiskirchen

Ferdinand-Porsche-Straße 6, 35447 Reiskirchen

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Quick guide for suppliers on how to use Futura SRM to submit an offer

Angebot zu einer Anfrage erstellen und abgeben (only in German)

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Alliance of European TSOs to push European Capacity Platform