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Network connection, Interconnection / pdf / 116.70 KB

Biogas network connection request

Minimum information needed to test the connection of a biogas plant to the network of Open Grid Europe GmbH according to Section 41c Paragraph 2 No. 1 of the Gas Network Access Ordinance (GasNZV)

Press releases / pdf / 199.39 KB

OGE has a new company press officer

Carolin Kielhorn joins the communications team as press officer from 1 September

Press releases / jpg / 817.79 KB

Carolin Kielhorn

OGE press officer

Press releases / pdf / 213.95 KB

EUSAL gas transmission pipeline from Erftstadt to Euskirchen receives planning permission

Construction to start in mid-September 2020

Form / xlsx / 18.96 KB

Declaration of market area conversion costs

(only in German)

Press releases / jpg / 3.22 MB

Dr Frank Reiners

OGE joins European Hydrogen Strategy. Dr Frank Reiners represents OGE.

Press releases / pdf / 201.35 KB

OGE welcomes European Hydrogen Strategy and joins European Hydrogen Alliance

Dr Frank Reiners to represent OGE in European Hydrogen Alliance

Press releases / jpg / 84.98 KB

Green light for green hydrogen

WESTKÜSTE100 receives funding approval from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs

Press releases / pdf / 382.02 KB

Green light for green hydrogen

First real-world laboratory of the energy transition to focus on cross-sector coupling and hydrogen technologies gets under way.

Network access conditions / pdf / 626.79 KB

Network access conditions

General Terms & Conditions for Entry/Exit Contracts (entry/exit system) version 11 (31.03.2020), applicable from 1st October 2020

Instructions / pdf / 401.34 KB

Online Inquiry Tool of OGE

User Manual

Others / pdf / 570.57 KB

Gas for Climate newsletter

July 2020

Press releases / pdf / 249.88 KB

Gas infrastructure companies present a European Hydrogen Backbone plan

Press releases / pdf / 10.50 MB

European Hydrogen Backbone Report

European Hydrogen Backbone Report - only English

Press releases / pdf / 82.93 KB

TENP gas pipeline system expansion

Start of preliminary investigations and presentation of the project to authorities

Press releases / pdf / 143.32 KB

Decisive step towards a European hydrogen economy

The five partners of the hydrogen project GET H2 Nukleus (bp, Evonik, Nowega, OGE, RWE) very much welcome the European Hydrogen Strategy published today.

Position paper / pdf / 209.53 KB

Energy transition and climate protection: a powerful and sustainable way out of the crisis

The so-called "Gas Coalition", of which OGE is a member, published a new position paper dealing with the energy and climate policy challenges in the light of the Covid 19 pandemic. In it, the 15 signatory companies make a clear appeal to politicians to consistently pursue the path of energy system transformation and climate protection and to take the next necessary steps now.

Market information / pdf / 220.62 KB

Publication by Open Grid Europe GmbH according to the network code on harmonised transmission tariff structures

Art. 29 and 30 of Regulation (EU) 2017/460 (Network Code Tariffs)

Brochure / pdf / 2.75 MB

CHARM® – Laser-based system for remote gas detection

Efficient and reliable airborne pipeline inspection, June 2020

Press releases / pdf / 27.42 KB

OGE welcomes appointment of Jörg Bergmann to the National Hydrogen Council

Gas transmission system operator OGE welcomes the appointment of Jörg Bergmann, CEO of OGE, to the National Hydrogen Council of the German government.