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12. June 2020

OGE welcomes appointment of Jörg Bergmann to the National Hydrogen Council

Gas transmission system operator OGE welcomes the appointment of Jörg Bergmann, CEO of OGE, to the National Hydrogen Council of the German government.

11. June 2020

OGE welcomes the adoption of the National Hydrogen Strategy

Gas transmission system operator OGE welcomes yesterday’s adoption of the National Hydrogen Strategy (Nationale Wasserstoffstrategie, NWS) by the German government.

3. June 2020

L/H gas conversion in OGE’s network area continues successfully

Conversion of Wetzlar to start in early June

28. May 2020

OGE publishes network tariffs for NetConnect Germany and GASPOOL market areas effective 1 January 2021

Uniform postage stamp tariffs for the NetConnect Germany and GASPOOL market areas from 1 January to 1 October 2021

26. May 2020 / Cooperation

OGE, TÜV SÜD and Horváth & Partners establish joint company

evety paves the way to hydrogen economy for industry, logistics, mobility and the energy sector

19. May 2020

Gas network operators agree timetable for transition from L-gas to H-gas

Customer appliances in the Drohne-Ahlten region to be converted from 2023

12. May 2020

OGE signs contract for hydrogen injection

OGE has signed a network connection and connection use contract with 'BW Bürgerwindpark Fehndorf-Lindloh GmbH & Co. KG' from Haren in the Emsland region of Germany, allowing hydrogen to be blended into its natural gas network.

24. April 2020

OGE continues to ensure reliable 24/7 network operation during Corona pandemic

Health and security of supply are always paramount to OGE. For this reason, OGE is continuing to adhere to the preventive measures to protect employees and ensure business continuity.

22. April 2020 / Cooperation

Study "Gas decarbonisation pathways 2020–2050" published

Today, the Gas for Climate consortium published the Gas Decarbonisation Pathway 2020-2050 study by Guidehouse (formerly called Navigant), analysing the transition towards the lowest cost climate neutral system by 2050. Such a fully integrated energy system was described in the Gas for Climate study published in 2019.

9. April 2020

OGE named one of the best training workplaces in Germany

OGE is one of Germany's best training workplaces in 2020, according to the study "Germany's best training workplaces 2020" conducted by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) on behalf of Focus Money. OGE has successfully participated in the study for the fourth time in a row.

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